Trentham railway station, Victoria

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Trentham station building.JPG
Line(s) Daylesford
Platforms 2
Tracks 5
Other information
Status Closed
Opened 16 February 1880
Closed 3 July 1978

Trentham railway station is a closed railway station in the town of Trentham, Victoria, Australia, on the former Carlsruhe-to-Daylesford line. It opened on Monday, 16 February 1880, and was closed on Monday, 3 July 1978.[1] The station building, platform and goods shed, and a short section of track, have all been retained, although no train services currently operate from the station.

Tenants live at the station and look after it as a museum. Although most of the line's track has been removed, the land is still zoned for railway use, and track still exists for 1 km on either side of the station. The DSCR tourist railway plans to re-lay and restore track in the future. Some rolling stock is still kept in the former yard.

By 1969, the platform was 80 metres in length, with an 18.5-metre carriage dock, and by 1975, a crane and weighbridge existed at the station.[2]


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Coordinates: 37°23′09″S 144°19′25″E / 37.3858°S 144.3235°E / -37.3858; 144.3235