Treo 270

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Treo 270
Handspring Treo 270.jpg
Media16 MB internal RAM
Operating systemPalm OS 3.5.2H
CPU33 MHz Motorola DragonBall VZ
Display160×160 pixels, 4096 colors (12-bit depth) CSTN
Backlit QWERTY keyboard
TouchpadEntire screen
ConnectivityInfrared, USB
PowerProprietary non-removable 3.7 v 850 mAH rechargeable[1] Li-ion battery
Dimensions4.25 × 2.8 × 0.83 inches
PredecessorTreo 180g
SuccessorTreo 600

The Treo 270 was a dual-band GSM flip form factor smartphone made by Handspring. Released on May 31, 2002 for $499 with service contract, $699 without service contract,[2] it was the fourth device in the Treo family. It featured a full keyboard and shipped with Palm OS version 3.5.2H. The 270 had a 160×160 color screen, 16 MB of internal memory and a 33 MHz DragonBall CPU.

During its development, the Treo 270 was codenamed "Atlanta".[1]

The Treo 300 was a twin model marketed by Sprint identical to the 270 except for using cdmaOne instead of GSM and being provider-locked.