Treo 700w

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Treo 700w
ManufacturerPalm, Inc.
Retail availabilitysince January 2006 [1]
MediaMMC, SD
Operating systemWindows Mobile 5.0
CPUIntel PXA272 312 MHz processor with Intel XScale Technology
Display16-bit color 240x240 2.5 in. TFT touchscreen display
TouchpadEntire screen
ConnectivityCDMA, Bluetooth
PredecessorTreo 700p
SuccessorTreo 700wx

The Palm Treo 700w is a Windows Mobile-powered smartphone that was officially announced on September 26, 2005. As Palm's first Windows Mobile-powered Treo, the 700w offered an alternative for users who want or need to use Microsoft software. It was offered by Verizon Wireless, and other CDMA carriers. A newer version of this phone has been released, the Treo 700wx.

Improvements to Windows Mobile[edit]

Palm updated the Windows Mobile today screen, making it much easier to dial the phone. The user can type a couple of letters of the recipient's name to select their phone number.

There is on-screen support for voice mail. Instead of waiting for numbered prompts (or needing to memorize them), the user can select an action with left-and-right arrow keys. This feature is customizable for additional voicemail (not just Verizon's), enabling the user to access work voicemail (which may have different numbered prompts from Verizon's).


  • Mobile phone, CDMA model with 800/1900-MHz bands, CDMA2000 1x and CDMA2000 EV-DO networks
  • Intel PXA272 312 MHz processor with Intel XScale Technology
  • 128 MB (60 MB user-available) non-volatile memory (64 MB on older models)
  • Removable rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Windows Mobile 5.0.2.x Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • 4.4 H x 2.3 W x 0.9 D inches (11.3 x 5.9 x 2.3 cm)
  • 6.4 oz. (180 grams)
  • 16-bit Color 240 x 240 2.5 in. TFT touchscreen display
  • Supports SD, SDIO and MultiMediaCards
  • Built-In Bluetooth 1.2 Compliance
  • 1.3-megapixel (1280x1024 resolution) digital camera with 2x digital zoom and video camera capability
  • Talk time: up to 4.7 hours, standby time: up to 15 days
  • No integrated Wi-fi support (Wi-fi card sold separately)

See also[edit]

  • Treo 700p — Corresponding Palm OS device.
  • Treo 700wx - Corresponding, newer Windows Mobile device offered by Sprint Wireless.

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