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Tres Dias
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FounderDave McManigal
FocusChristian Servant Leadership Training
Area served
MethodDirect aid
Program funding

Tres Dias is a Christian interdenominational three-day movement which aims to concentrate closely on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. In 1985 Tres Dias became an international organization when communities were chartered in Korea and Germany. Tres Dias' global reach now includes Denmark, Peru, Ireland, Canada, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia.

Tres Dias Con Dios[edit]

In 2012, Tres Dias launched its Spanish-speaking set of weekends - called Tres Dias Con Dios. Normally conducted in English, if hosted in the United States, Tres Dias con Dios is conducted entirely in Spanish throughout the three-day event.

The first Tres Dias Con Dios weekend was held in Southeast TN, called Southeast TN Tres Dias con Dios—Three Days with God.

Brand identity[edit]

In 2015, Tres Dias launched its new website featuring testimonials from community members across the globe, updated newsletters, and blog postings.

In January 2016, Tres Dias announced a new marketing program called "Millennial Reach". The majority of Tres Dias weekend attendees have been between the ages of 45-85. In an effort to reach a younger attendee audience, Tres Dias launched its largest social media marketing plan in its history to date.

New communities[edit]

The list of new Tres Dias communities include:


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