Treskavec Monastery

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Treskavec Monastery
Treskavec Monastery.jpg
Treskavec Monastery
Monastery information
OrderMacedonian Orthodox
Established12th century
Public accessyes

Coordinates: 41°24′14.46″N 21°32′17.74″E / 41.4040167°N 21.5382611°E / 41.4040167; 21.5382611

The Monastery of Treskavec (Macedonian: Манастир Трескавец), or St. Bogorodica, is a monastery situated on the rocky Mount Zlatovrv, 8 km north of Prilep, in the Republic of Macedonia.[1] Built in the 12th century, it currently has only one monk.[2]

The monastery possesses a large collection of Byzantine frescoes.[3] The oldest remaining date from the 15th century.

It was rebuilt in the 14th century by Serbian kings Stefan Milutin and Stefan Dušan.[4] In the mid-16th century it was renovated by knez Dimitrije Pepić (d. 1566) of Kratovo.[5]

However, the monastery was destroyed by a fire in the early 2010s and, apart from the church, it is now in ruins. As of 2015, no restoration work has been launched by the Macedonian government.[citation needed]

The monastery was the burial place of Serbian noblemen Dabiživ Čihorić and Gradislav Borilović.



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