Tresticklan National Park

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Tresticklan National Park
Tresticklans nationalpark
IUCN category II (national park)
Location Västra Götaland County, Sweden
Coordinates 59°02′N 11°45′E / 59.033°N 11.750°E / 59.033; 11.750Coordinates: 59°02′N 11°45′E / 59.033°N 11.750°E / 59.033; 11.750
Area 28.97 km2 (11.19 sq mi)[1]
Established 1996[1]
Governing body Naturvårdsverket

Tresticklan National Park (Swedish: Tresticklan nationalpark) is located in the municipality of Dals-Ed in northwestern Dalsland, Sweden, along the Norwegian border. "Trestickel" means "trident", possibly a reference to the shape of Lake Stora Tresticklan. This national park contains one of the few remaining areas of old-growth forest in southern Scandinavia. The park was established in 1996 and has an area of 28.97 km2 (11.19 sq mi). The park's highest point is the Orshöjden (276

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