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Railway Station
Stazione Centrale Treviglio 1.jpg
Treviglio railway station
Location Piazza Giuseppe Verdi
24047, Treviglio
Coordinates 45°30′55″N 09°35′19″E / 45.51528°N 9.58861°E / 45.51528; 9.58861Coordinates: 45°30′55″N 09°35′19″E / 45.51528°N 9.58861°E / 45.51528; 9.58861
Owned by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Operated by Trenord
Line(s) Milano–Venezia
Distance 33.143 km (20.594 mi)
from Milano Centrale
Platforms 10
Other information
Classification Gold[1]
Opened 5 March 1878; 139 years ago (1878-03-05)
Treviglio is located in Northern Italy
Location within Northern Italy

Treviglio railway station (Italian: Stazione di Treviglio), also known as Treviglio centrale railway station (Italian: Stazione centrale di Treviglio) is the main station serving the town and comune of Treviglio, in the region of Lombardy, northern Italy. Opened in 1878, it has a higher average number of passengers per day than Treviglio's other railway station, Treviglio Ovest.

The station lies on the Milan–Venice railway, Treviglio–Bergamo railway and Treviglio–Cremona railway and is terminus of two suburban railways passing through Milan toward Novara (S6) and Varese (S5).

By those lines are also reachable Brescia, Lodi and Verona.

The station is managed by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) and the commercial area of the passenger building is managed by Centostazioni. The train services are operated mainly by Trenord.


Treviglio railway station is situated at Piazzale Giuseppe Verdi, at the southern edge of the town centre.

The station offers a surveilled parking for bikes, a ticket office, a newsstand, a bar and a near small car parking.

On the Piazzale Giuseppe Verdi there are bus and taxi parkings, on the opposite side lie a bar and the Treviglio Hotel.


The station was opened on 5 March 1878, upon the inauguration of the direct Treviglio–Rovato section of the Milan–Venice railway,[2] being the second in the newborn Kingdom of Italy.

In 1885, the station became part of the Rete Adriatica, under the management of the Società per le Strade Ferrate Meridionali (English: Company for the Southern Railways, SFM). After the nationalisation of Italy's railways in 1905, it was operated by the FS.

In 2014 the station has been modernized, with the reconstruction of the square before the facade to facilitate traffic and the introduction of elevators for disabled and cameras for security.

Since 2016 a police unit has been placed in the station, considering the increasing of aggressions and theft on public transports on national scale.

Passenger and train movements[edit]

View of the station yard.

The station has about 3.5 million passenger movements each year.[3]

Train services[edit]

The station is served by the following service(s):

  • Express services (Treno regionale) Milan - Treviglio - Brescia - Verona
  • Regional services (Treno regionale) Sesto San Giovanni - Milan - Treviglio - Brescia
  • Regional services (Treno regionale) Bergamo - Treviglio
  • Regional services (Treno regionale) Treviglio - Crema - Cremona
  • Milan Metropolitan services (S5) Varese - Rho - Milan - Treviglio
  • Milan Metropolitan services (S6) Novara - Rho - Milan - Treviglio
Preceding station   Trenord   Following station
Treno regionale
Treno regionale
toward Brescia
toward Bergamo
Treno regionale Terminus
Terminus Treno regionale
toward Cremona
Preceding station   Milan suburban railway service   Following station
toward Varese
toward Novara


There is interchange at the station with suburban buses.

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