Treviso Marathon

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Treviso Marathon
2007 Treviso Marathon.jpg
Runners at the 2007 edition in Treviso
LocationTreviso, Italy
Event typeRoad
Course recordsMen's: 2:10:18 (2007)
Kenya Benjamin Pseret
Women's: 2:28:03 (2007)
Ethiopia Shitaye Gemechu
Official siteTreviso Marathon
Participants1,184 (2019)

The Treviso Marathon (Italian: Maratona di Treviso) is an annual road running event which is held in March in the area around the Province of Treviso in Italy.


The Treviso Marathon was launched in 2004 and an initiative where any runner completing the distance under six hours received free entrance saw the race attract over 3000 runners, placing it as the fifth largest marathon in Italy that year.[1] The race continued to attract large numbers of runners after its inaugural edition and over 3700 people finished the 4th edition of the race in 2007.[2] The event played host to the Italian championship race for the first time in 2009, with Italians Migidio Bourifa and Laura Giordano claiming both the race titles and national titles.[3]

The course has a point-to-point format, beginning at Via Cavour near Viale della Vittoria in Vittorio Veneto and finishing within the city of Treviso at Porta San Tommaso in Piazza del Grano.[4] Along its very flat, southerly route, it passes the towns of Conegliano, Susegana, Nervesa della Battaglia, Spresiano and Villorba.[5] The course is certified by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races.[6]

The race attracts domestic elite level marathon runners, other European athletes and also Moroccan, Ethiopian and Kenyan runners. The course records were set in 2007, with Benjamin Pseret holding the men's best time of 2:10:18 and Shitaye Gemechu holding the women's record of 2:28:03 hours.

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record   Country's championship race

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 2004  Fabio Rinaldi (ITA) 2:11:48  Hafida Izem (MAR) 2:37:58
2nd 2005  Denis Curzi (ITA) 2:11:37  Alemu Zinash (ETH) 2:40:53
3rd 2006  Rachid Kisri (MAR) 2:10:34  Deborah Toniolo (ITA) 2:28:31
4th 2007  Benjamin Pseret (KEN) 2:10:18  Shitaye Gemechu (ETH) 2:28:03
5th 2008  Denis Curzi (ITA) 2:13:27  Helena Javornik (SLO) 2:28:36
6th 2009  Migidio Bourifa (ITA) 2:14:14  Laura Giordano (ITA) 2:35:36
7th 2010  Ottaviano Andriani (ITA) 2:12:49  Amelework Fekadu (ETH) 2:33:09
8th[7] 2011  Naseef Ahmed (MAR) 2:13:57  Martina Celi (ITA) 2:36:14
9th 2012  Michael Chemchir (KEN) 2:15:06  Daniela Cârlan (ROM) 2:39:20
10th 2013  Said Boudalia (ITA) 2:20:38  Josephine Wangoi (KEN) 2:39:20
11th 2014  Simon Rugut (UGA) 2:16:32  Laura Giordano (ITA) 2:46:36
12th 2015  Stefano La Rosa (ITA) 2:12:02  Laura Giordano (ITA) 2:39:29
13th 2016  Yohannes Semereab (ERI) 2:17:32  Marija Vrajić (CRO) 2:40:41
14th 2017  Stefano La Rosa (ITA) 2:12:26  Lucy Liavoga (KEN) 2:52:12
15th 2018  Gilbert Chumba (KEN) 2:12:19  Medina Armino (KEN) 2:33:17
16th 2019  Gilbert Chumba (KEN) 2:13:10  Nancy Jelagat (KEN) 2:36:22


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