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Trevor Devall
Born (1972-11-10) November 10, 1972 (age 42)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Residence Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Voice Actor/Actor
Years active 1979–present
Notable credit(s) Gundam Seed
as Mu La Flaga
Gundam SEED Destiny
as Neo Roanoke
as Mukotsu/Ryukotsusei
as Toa Pohatu, Toa/Matoran Nuju, Rahaga Iruni
Title Your Intrepid Host

Trevor Devall (born November 10, 1972) is a Canadian/American voice actor, actor and podcaster. He is one of the various voice actors who works for Ocean Group, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In 2013, Devall relocated from Vancouver to Los Angeles, California.

Devall has performed various anime roles, most notably Mu La Flaga of Gundam SEED. Other anime roles include Mukotsu of InuYasha's Shichinin-tai, as well as the multiple faces of Alpha-Q, and all Terrorcon drones, on Transformers Energon. In prelay animation, he has provided the voice of Pyro on X-Men: Evolution and Dukey in Johnny Test from 2011 on following the retirement of Louis Chirillo. He also voiced Hermiod on Stargate Atlantis.

Early Life[edit]

Trevor grew up in Edmonton, Alberta and was the youngest of five siblings. He was into theatre and did tap, jazz and Polynesian dance as a child.[1] He attended the University of Alberta for drama and directed stage productions as well as student films.[1]

Trevor moved to Vancouver in 1998 to pursue a film directing career. While working for a talent agency, he made a demo tape for them and began landing work as a voice actor.[1]


In March of 2015 it was announced Trevor would be the voice of Rocket Raccoon in Marvel's animated Guardians of the Galaxy.[2]


Since 2007, Devall produced his own podcast, Voiceprint with Trevor Devall & Guests, where he interviewed fellow Vancouver-based voice actors and answered questions from fans. Each episode featured a different voice actor as the episode guest, though some episodes featured other people in the voice-acting business that may not actually be voice actors themselves; or behind-the-scenes looks at the life of a voice actor. Topics usually included how the guest made it into the voice-acting business, what it is like working in the industry, and the general lifestyle of a voice actor. The series concluded its first season after 36 episodes in December 2013. The second season was announced in the final episode of season 1, as Trevor moves to Los Angeles, California to continue his career and the show.

Voiceprint with Trevor Devall & Guests
Episode Guest Notes Release Date
1 Sam Vincent Premiere episode July 16, 2007
2 Michael Dobson July 25, 2007
3 Matt Hill August 7, 2007
4 Vic Mignogna Live interview at Animethon in Edmonton. August 14, 2007
5 Kelly Sheridan August 28, 2007
6 Brian Dobson September 12, 2007
7 Brad Swaile October 12, 2007
8 Scott McNeil October 25, 2007
9 Karl Willems & Mike Iske Director & Technician at Ocean Studios November 15, 2007
10 Brian Drummond November 27, 2007
11 Ian Corlett February 20, 2008
12 Tabitha St. Germain March 8, 2008
13 Behind the Toronto Con A day in the life of a voice actor at a convention.
Special guest Brian Dobson.
March 27, 2008
14 Terry Klassen April 24, 2008
15 Maryke Hendrikse May 22, 2008
16 Colin Murdock September 26, 2008
17 Richard Ian Cox October 17, 2008
18 Lee Tockar December 2, 2008
19 Kirby Morrow December 25, 2008
20 Secret Toy Surprise Podcast Commentary for:
Gundam SEED episode 30 "Flashing Blades" with Sam Vincent
Death Note episode 13 "Confession" with Brian Drummond & Brad Swaile.
March 2, 2009
21 James Corrigall Director at Ocean Studios. May 12, 2009
22 Cathy Weseluck August 5, 2009
23 Kyle Hebert Live interview at Matsuricon 2009 in Columbus, OH. September 14, 2009
24 Alessandro Juliani November 3, 2009
25 Garry Chalk December 5, 2009
26 Intermission Featuring Sam Vincent, Kirby Morrow, and Gardiner Millar September 8, 2010
27 Chiara Zanni September 23, 2010
28 Paul Dobson December 17, 2010
29 Voltron Force! From Koko Productions Studio during the recording of the final episode of the new Voltron.
Featuring the voices of Sam Vincent, Andrew Francis, Ron Halder, Ashleigh Ball, Ty Olsson, Giles Panton, Vincent Tong, Doron Bell Jr., Shannon Chan-Kent, and show producer Jeremy Corray.
March 16, 2011
30 Lisa Ann Beley July 1, 2011
31 James Arnold Taylor Recorded in West Hollywood, CA September 21, 2011
32 David Kaye Recorded in West Hollywood, CA November 25, 2011
33 Andrew Francis May 2, 2012
34 Mark Oliver October 1, 2012
35 Andrea Libman February 6, 2013
36 Trevor Devall Season finale; In a reversal of roles, Devall was interviewed by series premiere guest Sam Vincent. December 23, 2013
Voiceprint USA
Episode Guest Notes Release Date
1 To be announced Season 2 Premiere, announced at the end of Season 1. To be released






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