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Trevor Ray is a British writer and actor who has appeared in many TV series.

Writing credits[edit]

Ray authored the final draft of Episode 1 of David Whitaker's much-written Doctor Who serial The Ambassadors of Death (1979). Ray received no screen credit for the episode. He was an associate script editor on the programme from The Invasion (1968) to Spearhead from Space (1970). He assumed temporary producer duties for the location filming of Doctor Who and the Silurians while the regular producer Barry Letts was committed to working on another series.

Along with Jeremy Burnham, Roy co-wrote his best-known work children's science fiction horror seven episode serial Children of the Stones (1977). With Burnham, he wrote both the serial's novelization, also published in 1977. With Burnham, he co-wrote a five episode, considerably more obscure children's serial entitled Raven (1977), as well as its novelization (1977). (A sequel to Children of the Stones, titled Return to the Stones, appeared first as an e-book in 2012 and then as a physical book in 2015.)

Acting credits[edit]

Trevor Ray also appeared in Emmerdale Farm in 1972-73 as Bart Ansett, a friend of Jack Sugden, and in 1986 as Robin Parr.


Year Title Role Notes
1969 Lock Up Your Daughters Quill
1972 Rentadick Rivet
1987 The Sicilian Frisella, the barber
1987 Little Dorrit Magnate from the City
2004 Ladies in Lavender Very Old Man 1 (final film role)

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