Trevorton Bridge

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Trevorton Bridge
Port Trevorton
Covered bridge
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
Counties Northumberland, Snyder
Crosses Susquehanna River
Coordinates 40°42′35″N 76°51′08″W / 40.70972°N 76.85222°W / 40.70972; -76.85222Coordinates: 40°42′35″N 76°51′08″W / 40.70972°N 76.85222°W / 40.70972; -76.85222
Length 3,460 ft (1,055 m)
Material Wood
Built 1850s
 - Dismantled 1870
Trevorton Bridge is located in Pennsylvania
Trevorton Bridge
Location of the Trevorton Bridge in Pennsylvania

The Trevorton Bridge was a wooden covered bridge that crossed the Susquehanna River. It was erected between Herndon in Northumberland County and Port Trevorton in Snyder County, Pennsylvania. The bridge was 3,460 feet (1,050 m) long,[1] with a 1,400-foot (430 m) trestle leading up to it.[1] It was originally built as a railroad bridge by the Trevorton and Susquehanna Railroad and, in 1885, the bridge was adapted for use as a road bridge as well as for trains.[1] The bridge was most often used to cross the Susquehanna by cattle. The continuous crossing of cattle endangered the already weakened bridge (weakened from acid in the bark the pine used to construct the bridge).[1] The bridge was eventually dismantled for fear that it collapse.

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