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For actor Will Smith's son, Trey Smith, see Will Smith#Personal life.
Trey Smith
Trey Smith author.jpg
Born Brian Trey Smith
(1977-01-08) January 8, 1977 (age 39)
Houston, Texas, U.S.
Occupation author, documentary producer
Years active 2011–present
Website God in Nutshell project

Trey Smith, originally Brian "Trey" Smith, is an ex-safe robber, author, documentary producer, and founder of the God in a Nutshell Project. Trey Smith is best known for his role in the 1999 safe robbery of prominent television evangelist Mike Murdock, a lead fundraiser for TBN, PTL, Daystar, Benny Hinn and others. Smith released a book titled Thieves: One Dirty TV pastor and the Man Who Robbed Him in 2011 which covered the safe robbery of Mike Murdock and paints a dark picture of the "world of prosperity gospel".[1] Murdock refused interviews and has previously declined to answer questions about money.[2]

In 2011, Trey Smith did an exclusive two day interview set with Denver, Colorado, radio show host Bob Enyart covering the Mike Murdock safe robbery. Following that interview, Dallas, Texas–based news and entertainment publication, D-magazine, ran a full page cartoon of Trey Smith running from evangelist Murdock as a headline article.[3] Smith also appeared on Bruce Collins with Jesse Ventura, as well as a variety of other talk shows to cover the topic of corruption in ministries such as Benny Hinn, TBN, Daystar, etc.

In 2012, Trey Smith founded the God in a Nutshell project, which primarily consists of investigative videos on subjects like consciousness, life-after-death, religious corruption, ancient cultures & belief systems, and even fringe topics such as aliens, or Hitler's involvement in the occult.


Smith was born in Houston, Texas his father a computer scientist for Los Alamos National Laboratory and later research developer for Houston based Shell Oil Company. In 1991, Trey Smith's mother was diagnosed with a twelve pound ovarian cancer mass which had spread. She was diagnosed terminal with roughly three months to live. Smith's mother had an unusual recovery (medical anomaly) and gives credit to her faith; a point which seems to play a role in Smith's message of: "Faith is not the enemy, corrupt leadership is." Smith's mother appears to have had a friendship during that time with Dodie Osteen (mother of prominent Houston evangelist Joel Osteen) who also had an unusual recovery from a terminally diagnosed cancer herself.

In childhood, Trey Smith appears to have been "best friends" with evangelist Mike Murdock's only son, Jason Murdock (also known as Jay Sustain), as the two boys' mothers seem to have been close friends as well. In 1997, Trey Smith and Jason Murdock enrolled in Christ for the Nations, a large seminary in Dallas, Texas. The two were ultimately expelled at the same time after which the Murdock safe robbery occurred.

Trey Smith claims to have initially gone to remote desert areas on the Mexican border.

Since 2011, Smith has had much involvement with investigative groups such as Ole Anthony of the Trinity Foundation, and those with roles in the exposure of the Robert Tilton scandal.

Written works[edit]

Trey Smith is the author of Thieves: One Dirty TV pastor and the Man Who Robbed Him, The Theory of Everything and Taos.


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