Tri-City, California

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Tri-City, California, is an area in North County, San Diego that refers to South Oceanside, North Carlsbad and West Vista. Although the Tri-City area contains several residential sections, it is most well known for its commercial district, containing several shopping centers with stores such as Kohl's, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc. Tri-City also contains the Oceanside Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), as well as several main streets such as parts of Vista Way, College Boulevard, Lake Boulevard, Plaza Drive and Highway 78.

Tri-City is home to the Tri-City Christian Schools and the Tri-City Medical Center, and is located near the Oceanside campus of MiraCosta College and the Carlsbad Community park of Calevera Hills.

The area was made public in 1976 when American actress Anissa Jones died mysteriously of a drug overdose in the Tri-City area.