Tri-County Community College

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Tri-County Community College
Active 1964–Present
President Donna Tipton-Rogers, Ed.D
Students 4715 (2012 academic year)
Location Murphy, North Carolina, United States
  Navy and gold

Tri-County Community College, founded in 1964, is a community college located in the westernmost tip of North Carolina. It is a member of the North Carolina Community College System.



  • 1964: North Carolina Board of Education approved Tri-County Industrial Education Center operation
  • 1965: Cherokee County Board of Education negotiates lease agreement for occupation by college of the abandoned Cherokee County Prison Camp
  • 1970s: Renovation and construction of three buildings on the Murphy campus (now renamed Tri-County Community College) completed.
  • 1984: NC Legislature allocation of funds for construction of new multi-purpose building
  • 1989: Complete of new multi-purpose building named the Enloe building (named for State Legislature Jeff Enloe, whose support of the college enabled successful appropriate of funds for building construction)
  • 1993: Passing of a Statewide Bond Referendum to fund the Graham County Center.
  • 1995: Land and buildings conveyed for Graham County Center.
  • 1998: Opening of Graham County Center.
  • 1998: Dedication of a new building for dual use as a Student Activities Center and an early childhood education center both aptly named to honor worthy school supporters. Then president Norman Oglesby named one building for himself. Student Activities wing is named for Sarah Easley Harper originator of the Student Support Center. Early childhood education wing is named the Jarrett/Oglesby Center.


  • Holland McSwain — First President
  • Vincent Crisp – President from 1972-1992
  • Dr. Henry Jarrett - President from 1992 to 1995
  • Dr. Norman Oglesby - President from 1996 to 2006. During his presidency hundreds of thousands of dollars of state funds went unaccounted for[2]
  • Dr. Donna Tipton-Rogers (2008 - )


  • Commission on College of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate degrees.
  • Approved by the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts
  • Approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing

Service area[edit]

Tri-County Community College serves the counties of:

Local Cities[edit]

Campus Locations[edit]

There are three campus locations, the Main Campus in Murphy, and the Graham County Center in Robbinsville, and the Cherokee County Center of Applied Technology in Marble. The main campus has three buildings; named McSwain, in honor of Holland McSwain, Tri-County Community College’s First President; West, for Herman West, a State Legislator and entrepreneur; and Crisp, for Vincent Crisp, Tri-County Community College President from 1972–1992.

Programs of study[edit]

Programs of study at the Graham County Center[edit]

College publications[edit]

The Tri-County Communicator is the student newspaper of TCCC[3]


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