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Tri-State Peak is a mountain located in the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, near the "saddle" of the gap. It gets its name from being on the tripoint of the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The elevation at the tri-state marker is 1,990 feet (607 m).[1] The marker can be accessed via the "tri-state peak trail," (via connections with the Gap trail and the Object Lesson Road trail) and is about 1.2 miles from the park's visitor's center.[2]

The site also includes a marker denoting the location as being on the "Royal Colonial Boundary of 1665," which was marked by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Tri-State Peak marker

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Coordinates: 36°36′03″N 83°40′28″W / 36.60083°N 83.67444°W / 36.60083; -83.67444