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Tri-State Peak is a mountain located in the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, near the "saddle" of the gap. It gets its name from being on the tri-point of the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The elevation at the tri-state marker is 1,990 feet (607 m).[1] The marker can be accessed via the "tri-state peak trail," (via connections with the Gap trail and the Object Lesson Road trail) and is about 1.2 miles from the park's visitor's center.[2]

The site also includes a marker denoting the location as being on the "Royal Colonial Boundary of 1665," which was marked by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Tri-State Peak marker

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Coordinates: 36°36′03″N 83°40′28″W / 36.60083°N 83.67444°W / 36.60083; -83.67444