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Industry Real estate investment, development and management
Founded 1997
Headquarters Budapest, Hungary
Key people
Sándor Demján, Chairman Árpád Török, CEO

TriGranit has emerged as one of the property developers in Europe. The company has so far completed projects with a total value of Euro 2 billion.[citation needed] TriGranit is currently working on several developments in 8 countries across the CEE region.

After having completed projects in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania, the company has widened its focus to include, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Russia and Ukraine.[citation needed]

TriGranit’s primary focus is on dominant, mixed-use “City Center” projects in strategic urban locations. TriGranit creates prototype developments including retail & entertainment centres, office buildings, hotels, residential developments, waterfront resorts and cultural facilities.[citation needed]


  • Bank Center, Budapest, Hungary - opened in 1996;
  • Pólus Center, Budapest, Hungary - opened in 1996;
  • Westend City Center, Budapest, Hungary - opened in 1999;
  • Polus City Center, Bratislava, Slovakia - opened in 2000;
  • Millennium Tower, Bratislava, Slovakia - opened in 2001;
  • National Theatre, Budapest, Hungary - opened in 2002;
  • Millennium TowerII, Bratislava, Slovakia - opened in 2003;
  • Duna-Pest Residences, Budapest, Hungary - opened in 2005;
  • Palace of Arts, Budapest, Hungary - opened in 2005;
  • Silesia City Center, Katowice, Poland - opened in 2005;
  • Millennium Tower I, Budapest, Hungary - opened in 2006;
  • Polus Center, Cluj, Romania - opened in 2007;
  • Naberezhnye Chelny I, Russia - opened in 2007;
  • Lakeside Park I, Bratislava, Slovakia - opened in 2008;
  • Millennium Tower II, Budapest, Hungary - opened in 2008;
  • Millennium Tower III, Budapest, Hungary - opened in 2008;
  • Bonarka City Center, Kraków, Poland - opened in 2009;
  • Coco de Mare, Seychelles, - opened in 2010;
  • Arena Centar Zagreb, Croatia - opened in 2010;
  • Polus Center, Brasov, Romania opened in 2011;
  • Yerevan Mall, Yerevan, Armenia - opened in 2014

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