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tri-Ace, Inc.
Subsidiary of Nepro Japan
Industry Video game industry
Founded March 1995
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Yoshiharu Gotanda (President)
Masaki Norimoto (designer)
Motoi Sakuraba (composer)
Joe Asanuma (former President)
Products Star Ocean series (1996–present)
Valkyrie Profile series (1999–2009)
Owner Independent (1995–2015)
Nepro Japan (2015–)
Number of employees
Parent Nepro Japan

tri-Ace, Inc. (株式会社トライエース, Kabushiki Gaisha Toraiēsu) is a Japanese video game development company formed in March 1995 by former Telenet Japan employees Yoshiharu Gotanda (programmer, current tri-Ace President), Masaki Norimoto (game designer) and Joe Asanuma (director). The name is a play on words regarding the "three aces" who formed the company. Most of tri-Ace's games have been published by Square Enix (formerly Enix).

The group exclusively makes role-playing video games, and is known for giving their games action-packed battle systems and deep skill systems. This trademark style began when the founders of tri-Ace originally worked for Telenet Japan's Wolfteam, and had created Tales of Phantasia. This game, published by Namco, is a precursor to tri-Ace's own Star Ocean games in several ways; e.g., an action battle system where the player controls one character and AI controls others in the party and special battle skills that the player can assign to different buttons. Besides the Star Ocean series, they also released Valkyrie Profile in 1999. Their 2010 release of Resonance of Fate, was taken to Sega publishing.

tri-Ace games have sold over 3.8 million copies worldwide as of September 2005.[1] The company's sound programmer Hiroya Hatsushiba formed tri-Crescendo in 1999 which has since developed several games independently of tri-Ace.

Japanese mobile company Nepro Japan acquired tri-Ace in February 2015.[2] Despite being acquired by a company focusing on mobile gaming, tri-Ace will continue developing video games for consoles.[3]

Games developed[edit]

Title Year Publisher(s) Platform(s) Region(s)
Star Ocean 1996 Enix SNES JP
Star Ocean: The Second Story 1998 PlayStation JP, NA, EU
Valkyrie Profile 1999 JP, NA
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere 2001 Game Boy Color JP
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time 2003 PlayStation 2 JP
Star Ocean: Til the End of Time Director's Cut 2004 Square Enix JP, NA, AUS, EU
Radiata Stories 2005 JP, NA
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria 2006 JP, NA, AUS, EU
Infinite Undiscovery 2008 Xbox 360 NA, AUS, EU, JP
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume Nintendo DS JP, NA, EU, AUS
Star Ocean: The Last Hope 2009 Xbox 360 JP, NA, AUS, EU
Resonance of Fate 2010 Sega Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Square Enix PlayStation 3
Hoshigami no Taijyu Lemuta 2011 Yahoo Browser game JP
Final Fantasy XIII-2[4] Square Enix PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 JP, NA, AUS, EU
Frontier Gate Konami PlayStation Portable JP
Beyond the Labyrinth 2012 Nintendo 3DS
Little Battlers eXperience W Level-5 PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita
Frontier Gate Boost+ 2013 Konami PlayStation Portable
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[5] Square Enix PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 JP, NA, AUS, EU
Silent Scope: Bone-Eater 2014 Konami Arcade JP
Judas Code tri-Ace PlayStation Vita
Phantasy Star Nova Sega
Chronos Ring 2015 Konami iOS, Android
Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky Spike Chunsoft PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita JP, NA
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 2016 Square Enix PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 JP, NA, EU
Heaven×Inferno NTT Docomo iOS, Android JP
Star Ocean: Anamnesis Square Enix iOS, Android JP


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