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Trial Harbour is a small anchorage on the West Coast, Tasmania, located in the northern part of Ocean Beach, Tasmania. It was an exposed and particularly vulnerable anchorage which was susceptible to the prevailing local weather of the Roaring Forties, seventeen miles north of Macquarie Heads (the entrance to Macquarie Harbour).

It was named after the cutter Trial which first anchored there in 1881, and it was established by four Baltic sailors, Gustav Weber, and the three Karlson brothers, Karl, Peter and Steve, otherwise known as the Russian Finns.[1]

The harbour was utilised for a short while during the establishment of the early mining communities of Zeehan, and Queenstown, prior to the establishment of the settlements and facilities at Strahan and Regatta Point. It came under the control of the Hobart Marine Board [2]

It had two hotels and other facilities in its early days [3] and currently it is the location of holiday homes.

It has been also a location on the west coast where whales have been sighted close to shore [4]

Further north along the coast - a similarly dangerous and exposed location was Granville Harbour.


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Coordinates: 41°55′S 145°10′E / 41.917°S 145.167°E / -41.917; 145.167