Trial of Champions (EP)

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Trial of Champions
Trial of Champions (3 Inches of Blood album coverat.jpg
EP by 3 Inches of Blood
Released October 17, 2007
Recorded November 2006 at Armoury Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre Heavy metal, power metal
Length 11:28
Label Roadrunner
Producer Joey Jordison
3 Inches of Blood chronology
Fire Up the Blades
Trial of Champions
Here Waits Thy Doom

Trial of Champions is the second EP by Canadian power metal band 3 Inches of Blood. It was released in digital download format on October 17, 2007 by Roadrunner Records. The title track was inspired by the Fighting Fantasy game book of the same name, and features a similar plot in which an enslaved gladiator fights his way to victory, and ultimately kills the emperor. "In the Time of Job When Mammon Was a Yippie" is a cover of a song by progressive rock band Lucifer's Friend, from their debut album. "Key to Oblivion" is a B-side from the band's previous studio album, Fire Up the Blades.

It is the last release by the band to include their screamer, Jamie Hooper.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Trial of Champions" 3:39
2. "In the Time of Job When Mammon Was a Yippie" (Lucifer's Friend cover) 3:40
3. "Key to Oblivion" 4:09