Triallam timcheall na Fodla

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Triallam timcheall na Fodla, medieval Irish topographical text.


Composed by Seán Mór Ó Dubhagáin, Triallam consists of twenty verses divided into four (but sometimes five or even six) lines. The full poem is nine hundred and sixteen lines in length. It identifies various tribes, dynasties and territories of the Gaelic-Irish, as they were immediately before the arrival of the Anglo-Normans. Ó Dubhagáin devotes one hundred and fifty-two lines to Meath, three hundred and fifty-four to Ulster, three hundred and twenty-eight to Connacht, and fifty-six to Leinster. Possibly the work was unfinished at the time of Ó Dubhagáin's death in 1372.

Sometime after Ó Dubhagáin's death, Giolla na Naomh Ó hUidhrín (d. 1420) completed the poem.

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  • Topographical Poems by Seaán Mór Ó Dubhagáin and Giolla-Na-Naomh Ó Huidhrín, ed. James Carney, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1943.

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