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Triangle K is a kosher certification agency under the leadership of Rabbis Jehoseph H. and Aryeh R. Ralbag.[1][2] Its hechsher is a letter "K" enclosed in an equilateral triangle. It supervises a number of major brands, including Del Monte, Hebrew National, Minute Maid, Ocean Spray, Sunsweet, Sunny Delight, and Wonder Bread.[3]

Triangle K has long been a source of controversy within the Orthodox community.[4] However there are many people in the Orthodox community who believe that this is all a political controversy started many years ago by competing Kosher agencies.[citation needed] To the contrary, in regard to Kosher the Triangle K has exactly the same "supposed" high Halachic standards as any of the other National supervising agencies, and the same "leniencies" all National supervising agencies rely on to make Kosher available to the greater public.[5] But while the overwhelming majority of Orthodox Jews only eat glatt kosher, Triangle K continues to certify foods which are not "glatt"[6]

Triangle K does not require its dairy products to be of Chalav Yisrael.[citation needed]

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