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The Triarch, art by Gene Ha
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Trinity #1, (August 1993)
Created by Gerard Jones (writer)
Gene Ha (artist)
In-story information
Member(s) Quarra the Creator
Archor the Sustainer
Tzodar the Destroyer

The Triarch are fictional extraterrestrial deities published by DC Comics. They first appear in Trinity #1 (August 1993), and were created by Gerard Jones and Gene Ha.


According to legend on the planet Maltus, the immortal Daalon sired three children who would become known as The Triarch. They were Quarra the Creator (Quarradachach), Archor the Sustainer (Archorivvon) and Tzodar the Destroyer (Krotazodarikik). These three gods eventually killed their immortal father and fled Maltus in shame, leaving behind a prophecy that they would one day return to bring about a new golden age on Maltus. It has since been revealed that The Triarch weren't gods at all, but merely mortals who became the stuff of legend. The true nature of Daalon, their father in the legends, has yet to be revealed.[1]


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