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Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation, a National Organisation was set up in 1998 with the objective to promote Socio-Economic and Cultural aspects of Tribals residing in India. As an independent agency on Research and Culture the organisation is a specialized body working on Tribal studies .Its stated purpose is to contribute to Gujjars studies and nomadic research by promoting national collaboration through research, studies, and culture in order to further universal understanding about Gujjars especially nomadic tribes of Jammu and Kashmir.


Three bodies are responsible for policy-making, governance, and day-to-day administration at TRIBAL RESEARCH AND CULTURAL FOUNDATION

  • The Advisory Board for Research/ Studies/ Surveys
  • The Executive Body
  • The Central Body


The Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation has its jurisdiction over the entire Country .

OFFICES OF THE Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation

It is provided in the Constitution of the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation that its headquarters shall be at Poonch but it may be partially work in Tribal belts of India.

To meet aspirations of people living in India, a multi-ethnic and socio-cultural country the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation set up offices at the following places and assigned them the role of development of the languages mentioned against each as under:

Other functions[edit]

The Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation has been assigned the roles of an organisation to works like a visionary body. This has been done with a view to provide integrated approach and inter-disciplinary co-operation and co-ordination between the All the tribal bodies working in India.

Publication in Gojri[edit]

In view of the fact that at the time of setting up of the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation virtually no publisher was forthcoming to support and encourage publication of books in the Tribal languages GOJRI. The Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation published a number of books relating to creative writings, research works in the history, sociology and Tribal culture of the India etc.

Preservation of folklore of Gujjars[edit]

The Tribals have a rich tradition of folk-songs and folk-tales. These treasure houses of folk wisdom are declining and are feared to vanish with the passage of time. Hence, there was an emergent need to collect, document and preserve the folk treasure of songs and tales. With a view to meet this objective the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation has undertaken the printing and publication of volumes of folk tales and folk songs of all the major Tribal languages of the State of Jammu and Kashmir .

Dictionaries in Gojri[edit]

With the advent of literature, words acquired new meanings as well as usage. To facilitate the common reader to have a peep into the world of unknown words, the publication of dictionaries became essential. Most of our tribal regional languages started producing literature on regular basis, uninterruptedly, since forties only therefore, dictionaries were not available in these languages. We are working on Dictionaries and Published 2 Dictionaries in .

Encyclopedia of Himalyan Gujjars by Dr. Javaid Rahi[edit]

Keeping in view the importance of encyclopaedia in the development of a language, Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation has taken in hand the publication of Encyclopaedia of Himalyan Gujjars One volumes of this encyclopaedia have been published so far covering the following areas:- a) Gujjar Archaeology & Architecture b) Gujjar Archeology, Architecture & Coins c) Gujjar Handicrafts d) Gojri Language & Literature

Seminars and conferences[edit]

Most of Tribal areas are nearly inaccessible. The tribal writers and artists residing in these far flung areas did not have the means and access to keep them abreast of changing trends on the literary scene. To bring writers of the State in close contact with one–another, Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation organized Mushairas, Seminars, Literary Conferences, Sham-i-Afsanas, Sham-i- Ghazals, and Literary Get-togethers at the headquarters of its various offices and at remote stations. These activities are held at local level, State level and All India level. These programmes provide an opportunity to young and budding writers to meet, listen and inter-act with each other and share their experiences with one another as also with their seniors.

Art conservation[edit]

To conserve and preserve priceless manuscripts, miniature paintings and other artefacts Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation has to established a Conservation laboratory at Srinagar under the expert guidance of National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property, Lucknow.

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