Tribal Voice

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Tribal Voice
YothuYindi TribalVoice.jpg
Studio album by Yothu Yindi
Released 1991
Recorded 1989-1990
Genre Aboriginal rock
Length 42:57
Label Mushroom Records
Producer Mark Moffatt
Yothu Yindi chronology
Homeland Movement
(1989)Homeland Movement1989
Tribal Voice
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars link
Tribal Voice is also the name of the company that made the Pow Wow Internet instant message and chat programs in the mid 1990s.
Tribal Voice is also the name of the official newsletter of Redskins Touch Club.

Tribal Voice is an album by Yothu Yindi that was released in 1991 on the Mushroom Records label.


The album reached a peak of #4 on the ARIA album charts.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Gapu" (Traditional song, arranged by Galarrwuy Yunupingu)
  2. "Treaty" (Mandawuy Yunupingu, G. Yunupingu, Milkayngu Mununggurr, Witiyana Marika, Stuart Kellaway, Cal Williams, Paul Kelly)
  3. "Djäpana" (Sunset Dreaming) (M. Yunupingu)
  4. "My Kind of Life" (M. Yunupingu)
  5. "Maralitja" (Crocodile Man) (M. Yunupingu)
  6. "Dhum Dhum" (Bush Wallaby) (Traditional song, arranged by Marika)
  7. "Tribal Voice" (M. Yunupingu)
  8. "Mainstream" (M. Yunupingu)
  9. "Dharpa" (Tree) (M. Yunupingu, Kellaway)
  10. "Yinydjapana" (Dolphin) (Traditional song, arranged by Marika)
  11. "Mätjala" (Driftwood) (M. Yunupingu, G. Yunupingu, Marika, Kellaway, Williams)
  12. "Hope" (M. Yunupingu)
  13. "Gapirri" (Stingray) (M. Yunupingu)
  14. "Beyarrmak" (Comic) (Traditional song, arranged by G. Yunupingu)
  15. "Treaty" (Radio Mix) (M. Yunupingu, G. Yunupingu, Mununggurr, Marika, Kellaway, Williams, Kelly, Garrett)
  16. "Djäpana" (Radio Mix) (M. Yunupingu)

Tracks 3, 8 and 16 were added to the 1992 reissue of the album and appear on all subsequent reissues. Tracks 3, 6 and 16 were released as a CD single in 1992 and tracks 3 and 8 appear (in different versions) on the band's 1989 debut Homeland Movement. Track 2 appears in the 1992 film Encino Man.


Photography: Serge Thomann

  • "Treaty" remix by Robert Goodge and Gavin Campbell


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