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Gýmeš Castle

Tribeč is a crystalline mountain range in western Slovakia, in the Inner Western Carpathians within the Fatra-Tatra Area, roughly between the towns of Nitra, Partizánske and Zlaté Moravce. It is surrounded by the Danubian Lowland, Pohronský Inovec, Vtáčnik mountains and the Upper Nitra Basin. It is 50 km long and has maximum width of 18 km. Beech trees are predominating in the area. The highest mountain is Veľký Tribeč at 829.6 m (2,722 ft). The area belongs to the Ponitrie Protected Landscape Area.

Coordinates: 48°30′00″N 18°19′59″E / 48.500°N 18.333°E / 48.500; 18.333