Tribe (Bernie Taupin album)

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Studio album by Bernie Taupin
Released 1987
Length 48:06
Label RCA
Producer Martin Page
Bernie Taupin chronology
He Who Rides The Tiger
(1980)He Who Rides The Tiger1980
Last Stand in Open Country
(w/ Farm Dogs)
(1996)Last Stand in Open Country1996

Tribe is a 1987 solo album by Bernie Taupin issued by RCA Records. The album includes the two singles, "Friend of the Flag" and "Citizen Jane". Music videos were made for both singles.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Bernie Taupin and Martin Page. Two other songs written by Taupin and Page around the same time, "Backbone" and "White Boys in Chains," were used as the B-sides to the singles "Friend of the Flag" and "Citizen Jane," respectively.

  1. "Friend of the Flag" (4:37)
  2. "Corrugated Iron" (4:54)
  3. "Citizen Jane" (4:55)
  4. "Hold Back the Night" (4:46)
  5. "She Sends Shivers" (with Martha Davis) (4:21)
  6. "Billy Fury" (with Elton John) (4:44)
  7. "I Still Can't Believe That You're Gone" (5:15)
  8. "Conquistador" (4:36)
  9. "The New Lone Ranger" (4:59)
  10. "Desperation Train" (5:11)


Tribe (the "band")[edit]

Additional musicians[edit]

Additional Backing vocalists[edit]



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