Tribe (EP)

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Soulfly Tribe.jpg
EP by Soulfly
Released March 5, 1999
Genre Nu metal
Label Roadrunner
Producer Ross Robinson, The Rootsman, Anders Dohn, Jan Sneum
Soulfly chronology

Tribe is an extended play from the metal band Soulfly. This EP was only released in Australia on a tour Soulfly was on.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Tribe" 4:53
2. "Quilombo" (Zumbi Dub Mix) 3:25
3. "No Hope = No Fear" (Live) 4:16
4. "Bumba" (Live) 3:27
5. "Quilombo" (Live) 4:15
6. "Soulfly" (Eternal Spirit Mix) 5:26


Additional musicians
  • Jackson Bandeira - guitar on "Tribe", "Quilombo (Zumbi Dub Mix)", "Soulfly (Eternal Spirit Mix)", "Eye for an Eye", "Umbabarauma"
  • Benji Webbe - vocals on "Quilombo (Zumbi Dub Mix)"
  • Ritchie Cavalera - vocals on "Bleed (Live)"
  • Dayjah - vocals on "Soulfly (Eternal Spirit Mix)"
  • Jorge Du Peixe - tambora
  • Gilmar Bolla Oito - tambora
  • Dino Cazares - guitar on "Eye for an Eye"
  • Burton C. Bell - vocals on "Eye for an Eye"
  • Eric Bobo - percussion on "Umbabarauma"
Additional personal
  • Ross Robinson - producer
  • The Rootsman - remixed and additional production on "Tribe", "Quilombo (Zumbi Dub Mix)", "Soulfly (Eternal Spirit Mix)"
  • Anders Dohn - producer on live tracks
  • Jacob Langkilde - engineer on live tracks
  • Jan Sneum - executive producer on live tracks
  • Josh Abraham - remixed and additional production on "Tribe" (Tribal Terrorism Mix)"
  • Ross Halfin - Photography
  • Holger Drees - design