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Tribe Records
Country of originUnited States

Tribe Records was an American jazz independent record label which was active during the 1970s and whose artists included Doug Hammond, Marcus Belgrave, Phil Ranelin and Wendell Harrison.


Based in Detroit, Michigan, United States, Tribe Records was a collective of local musicians. The group included Wendell Harrison, Phil Ranelin, Marcus Belgrave, Harold McKinney, Ron Brooks, Charles Moore, and Doug Hammond amongst others. Besides the record label, Tribe held a publishing house for a magazine and a production company under its roof.



  • 1973: The Tribe Presents Wendell Harrison & Phillip Ranelin - Message From The Tribe
  • 1973: Wendell Harrison - An Evening With The Devil
  • 1974: Marcus Belgrave - Gemini II
  • 1974: Harold McKinney - Voices And Rhythms Of The Creative Profile
  • 1974: Phil Ranelin - The Time Is Now!
  • 1975: Doug Hammond & David Durrah - Reflections In The Sea Of Nurnen
  • 1975: Phil Ranelin - Vibes From The Tribe
  • 1976: The Mixed Bag - Mixed Bag's First Album


  • 1973 Wendell Harrison And The Tribe - "Farewell To Welfare Part 1 & 2"
  • 1975 Doug Hammond & David Durrah - "Venus Fly Trap"

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