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Tribe Magazine was a free print magazine originally distributed in Toronto, Ontario as well as across Canada from 1993 to 2005. The magazine featured photography, music, CD reviews, and dance and club listings. It currently has an online presence only in the form of an internet message board and social network which provides all the functions of the print version.

From 1989 to 2000 there was also a semi-free (self-addressed stamped envelope required) print magazine called Tribe Magazine based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Willemstad, the Netherlands Antilles. In the early nineties it switched to electronic distribution.


Tribe Magazine's beginnings coincided with Toronto's fledgling club scene. The name was coined after publisher alexd observed "tribes" of club kids roaming the streets of the city looking for warehouse parties after the normal bars closed.

In 2004, the magazine boasted a circulation of 100,000 readers a month.[1] It published 105 issues and is currently on hiatus.

TRIBE is published by Tribe Communications Inc., a privately held Canadian company. The name "TRIBE" was registered as a trademark in 2003 for use by Tribe Communications Inc. for use in online and print publishing.

TRIBE printed edition: ISSN 1480-6231
Online edition: ISSN 1480-624X

Social network[edit]

Launched in 1994 as the digital version of Tribe Magazine, TRIBE is a large, active online community and social network aimed at 18- to 34-year-olds, with an overall focus on urban living in Canada.

The message board contains separate sub-forums, referred to as "rooms", that cover a wide variety of topics including new music, technology, nightlife, culture, sports, men's and women's issues, and politics. It contains over 4 million message posts, making it one of the largest message boards on the Internet (Big Boards).

The DJ Mixes area contains the most extensive collection of links to mixes by Canadian DJs in Canada. This area was developed to allow Canadian DJs to showcase their skills, hopefully leading to paying gigs at nightclubs and events.

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