Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

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Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy
Tribes and Empires.jpeg
Historical fiction
Based onHai Shang Mu Yun Ji by Jin Hezai
Written byCao Dun
Jin Hezai
Wei Jingna
Tian Yanjuan
Directed byCao Dun
StarringHuang Xuan
Shawn Dou
Zhou Yiwei
Xu Lu
Janice Man
Zhang Jianing
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes75
Executive producersWang Heran
Liang Chao
ProducerWang Heran
Production locationsChina (Xinjiang, Xiangshan, Beijing, Nanjing)
Running time45 mins
Production companiesNovoland International Cultural Communication Ltd
BudgetUS$45.2 million
Original networkiQiyi, Tencent, Youku, Hunan TV
Original release21 November 2017 (2017-11-21) –
4 January 2018 (2018-01-04)

Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy (Chinese: 九州·海上牧云记; pinyin: Jiu Zhou Hai Shang Mu Yun Ji) is a 2017 Chinese television series adapted from the novel of the same name written by Jin Hezai and directed by Cao Dun. It stars Huang Xuan, Shawn Dou, Zhou Yiwei, Xu Lu, Janice Man and Zhang Jianing. The series airs on iQiyi, Tencent and Youku starting November 21, 2017.[1][2]

The series was a hit among international fans due to its high standard of production, impressive storyline and exceptional performance.[3] The series currently has a 6.8 rating on Douban. [4]


The series is set in the fictional world of Novoland and tells the story of loyalty, friendship, enmity and romance between the young descendants during the twilight years of the Duan Dynasty. The Novoland Duan Dynasty/Empire has been in existence for more than 200 years after it was established from a Barbarian invasion. The people adopted the culture of Zhongzhou and despite its outward appearance of power and prosperity, it is showing signs of decay.

Young prince Muyun Sheng (Huang Xuan), who was born of a beautiful spirit mother, was shunned and disliked since young due to his identity. Having lived in seclusion and loneliness throughout his life, he one day finds out the truth about his mother's death from her previous attendant-in-waiting. Along with the new-found knowledge, he was given a magical pearl which once belonged to his mother. While his brothers fight for the throne, the whimsical half-spirit prince spent his days seeking the mysteries of the gem. To the outside world, he was declared insane and then dead.

Years later, when the emperor and his brothers died, the abandoned prince was pushed to the throne. Longing for the world of the gem and the woman he saw in it (Janice Man), he escapes the palace by blowing apart the barrier between it and the River Folks. Along with the palace, he left behind chaos and a country under attack on all sides. Leading the attack on land is Shuofeng Heye (Zhou Yiwei), a man who has tamed the wolves and seeks to unify the nomadic tribes and finally give them a home of their own.

And then there is Muru Hanjiang (Shawn Dou), the son of the exiled family of generals who were once equals with the Muyun’s. Returning from the land of giants to seek revenge for the betrayal by the Muyun family, he ends being an unlikely ally to the young Emperor against the new ruler, Muyun Sheng’s uncle (Wang Qianyuan).

Interwoven among the men are the women who also cannot escape from the storm of prophecies. The woman who was prophesied to become Empress (Xu Lu) but whose heart belongs to Muru Hanjiang; the Princess who lusts for blood (Zhang Jianing); princess of a fallen kingdom who is determined for revenge (Kan Qingzi); the treacherous Empress (Jiang Qinqin) and her niece (Wan Qian), who schemes to be the Empress.

Pain and sorrows of past wounds now manifest in the new generation.


Muyun Family[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Lu Fangsheng Muyun Qin Emperor Ming of Duan. He is constantly pained with the loss of his true love, Yinrong, whom he sacrificed to keep his throne.
Wang Qianyuan Muyun Luan Prince Ye. The Emperor's older brother, who was stripped of his position as the Crown Prince by the late Emperor years ago. He aims to usurp the throne, hiding a cunning and scheming personality behind a humorous facade.
Wang Yinan Muyun Yan The Emperor's young sister. Muru Shuo's wife; Muru Hanshan, Hanchuan and Hanjiang's mother.
Li Zifeng Muyun Han Eldest prince (Prince Sawu). Upright and candid, with supreme martial arts skills.
Sun Jian Muyun Lu Second prince (Prince Ruiwen). Elegant and kind, he is a master of strategies and tactics. He has a one-sided love for Su Yuning.
Peng Guanying Muyun Hege Third prince (Prince Yuxing), son of the Empress. Ambitious and talented, his greed for the throne eventually destroyed him. He loves Nanku Yueli and resents Muyun Sheng, whom he sees as a "monster".
Huang Xuan
Zheng Hao (young)
Muyun Sheng Sixth prince (Prince Ningrui, Crown Prince). A half-human and half-spirit. Born with a cursed fate, he was prophesied to become the future Emperor and destroy the world. His true love is Panxi.
Zhang Jianing Muyun Yanshuang Princess Jing. A warrior who is eager to win and competitive. She admires Muyun Han, and also has a complex relationship with Shuofeng Heye, whom she saved from slavery when they were young. Her true love is Shuofeng Heye.
Zhang Xiaochen
Zhou Qi (young)
Muyun De Muyun Luan's second son. Head of Wanchuan's Chamber of Commerce. A hot-headed and sly man who often moves with a purpose in mind, his goal is to conquer the world with magical arts.

Muru Family[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Cao Weiyu Muru Shuo General of Duan, known for his loyalty and allegiance toward the royal family.
Zhang Yao Muru Ping Muru Shuo's sister, Muyun Luan's wife and Muyun De's mother.
Qu Gaowei Muru Hanshan Eldest son of Muru family.
Zhang Junming Muru Hanchuan Second son of Muru family.
Shawn Dou
Shi Yunpeng (young)
Muru Hanjiang Third son of Muru family. Due to a prophecy that has declared him as a future monarch, his father abandoned him since young. He grows into a resilient young man with a strong personality. He yearns for freedom, but at the same time is dedicated to protecting the peace of the world. He falls in love with Su Yuning and tells her he will protect her. Su Yuning is his true love.

Nanku Family[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Jiang Qinqin Nanku Mingyi Empress of Duan, Muyun Hege's mother. Despite her authority and power, her love for her husband was never reciprocated.
Yanko Kouji Nanku Qi Empress Nanku's older brother. A court minister.
Wan Qian
Ma Zehan (young)
Nanku Yueli Empress Nanku's niece. Tyrannical and evil, she schemes to become the next empress. She harbors hatred for Su Yuning due to jealousy arising from the latter's royal destiny.

Shuofeng Tribe[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Jiang Yi Shuofeng Da Shuofeng Heye's father. Head of Northern Hanzhou Shuofeng clan.
Li Nian Longke Danzhu Shuofeng Heye's mother.
Zhou Yiwei
Zheng Wei (young)
Shuofeng Heye Heir of the Northern Hanzhou Shuofeng clan. Since young, he was prophesied to become the "tieqin", the Ruler of the Seas and Land. He grows from a vindictive and revengeful man into a brave and insightful ruler, who seeks to unify the nomadic tribes and finally give them a home of their own.His true love is Muyun Yanshuang
Chen Bingqiang
Cao Yingrui (young)
Shuofeng Suhe A shaman.

Helan Tribe[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
You Daqing Helan Dao Head of the Helan tribe.
Cai Lu
Di Xiaoguang (young)
Helan Tieyuan Helan Duo's son.
Wang Sisi
Chen Qianyang (young)
Helan Tieduo Helan Duo's daughter. An overbearing and cruel beauty. She is in love with Shuofeng Heye.


People in Duan court[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Xu Lu
Eleanor Lee (young)
Su Yuning Daughter of a Eunuch. She was prophesied to be the future Empress, but only loves Muru Hanjiang.
Song Yunhao Lingge Qing Prophet of the Duan empire. Leader of the Huangji Jingtian Sect.
Su Guotao Gu Songzhi Court minister.
Liu Bo Jin Bingyi Muyun Qin's Head Eunuch.
Wang Gang Wu Ruyi Empress's Head Eunuch.
Sun Zhenglin Mu Yuan Muyun Luan's assistant.
Feng Xinyi Yu Xinji General Long Kui, Muyun Han's loyal assistant.
He Dujuan Lan Yu'er Muyun Sheng's personal attendant. She loves Muyun Sheng, but left him to follow Muyun De after being deceived by the latter.
Yu Haoming Gu Songtuo Lieutenant general of the Muyun Silver Armor.
Zhang Yanyan Su Zhen Su Yuning's etiquette teacher.

Magical beings[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Janice Man Panxi A spirit who resides in a magical pearl, and Muyun Sheng’s true love. Her actual identity is the slave of the Universe God.
Janine Chang Yinrong Muyun Sheng's spirit mother. Once the most beautiful woman in the world, and the Emperor's true love. She was killed by the Emperor.
Li Xinai Heshu Hongling A female wizard residing in the Black Forest, who is in charge of guarding the Snow Wolves.
Huo Zhengyan King of the Snow Wolves. He pledged allegiance toward Shuofeng Heye after the latter saved his life.
Gu Xuan Qianhong A spirit.
Jia Haitao Fanla Kaise King of the Titans.
Hou Yidi Meiyin Leader of the Merfolks.
Du Chun Lu Ranqing King of the Winged Tribe.

People in Zhongzhou[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Zhao Wei Mr. Mo A mysterious man from Chen Yue Sect who is skilled in magical arts. His ultimate goal is to cause chaos in the world.
Kan Qingzi Ji Yuncong Princess of the fallen Sheng kingdom who harbors a dream of rebuilding her country.
Du Yuming Long Jinhuan Head of Tian Luo Hall, who assists Princess Ji.

People in Hanzhou[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Re Yizha Jin Zhuhai Shuofeng Heye's former and deceased wife.
Ji Huanbo Longke Kun Fiercest hunter of the Longke Tribe.
Gao Ye Suqin Ziyan Female Head of Suqin Tribe. In the end she becomes a witch.
Han Pujun Agebu A barbarian businessman who owns many slaves.


Produced by Novoland International Cultural Communication Ltd, Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy is one of the most expensive Chinese dramas produced, boasting a budget ranging from 300 Million RMB to 500 Million RMB.[5][6] Filming began in August 2015 at Xinjiang, China and wrapped up on 27 May 2016 at Hikone, Japan; taking a total of 270 days.[7][8]


The series is directed by Cao Dun, who directed the hit social commentary Dwelling Narrowness. It is co-written by Jin Hezai, the author of the original novel. Other notable cast members include artistic director Huang Wei who once worked as the creative director of Vogue and is known for his costume designs in Tiny Times and My Sunshine; as well as stunt choreographer Lin Peng who has mostly worked in Hollywood productions like Kingsman: The Secret Service and Urban Games.[7]

It is reportedly the first Chinese television series to employ the Animatronics filming technique.[9] The special effects are handled by French company Technicolor SA.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref.
2017 8th Macau International Television Festival Best Supporting Actor Zhou Yiwei Nominated [10]
2018 24th Shanghai Television Festival Best Cinematography Jing Chong Nominated [11]
Best Art Direction N/A Nominated
24th Huading Awards Best Actor (Ancient Drama) Huang Xuan Nominated [12]

International broadcast[edit]

Country Network Airing dates
China China Tencent Video
November 21, 2017 - (20 updates each Tuesday to Saturday Members see ahead of next Saturday)
Malaysia Malaysia dimsum December 19, 2017 - (20:00 Tuesday to Saturday update two episodes) (Horse Network Premiere)
Thailand Thailand Amarin TV (อมรินทร์ทีวี) March 3, 2018 - March 26, 2018 (Every Saturday and Sunday at 18.36 - 19.30.)
Taiwan Taiwan GTV (八大電視) December 11, 2017 - February 15, 2018 (Monday to Friday 23:00 - 00:00 From February 5, it will be changed to 22:00 - 00:00)
Singapore Singapore
Malaysia Malaysia
Thailand Thailand
United States United States
Sony One, in the United States.


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