Trick My Truck

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Trick My Truck
Trick My Truck-320x240.jpg
2008 series logo
Genre Reality Television
Written by Jason C. Morgan
Rob Zazzali
Starring Kelvin Locklear
Ryan Templeton
Rob Richardson
Matt Moore
Steve Harrah
Allen Harrah
Composer(s) John Swihart
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 55
Executive producer(s) Jason C. Morgan
Rob Zazzali
Ali Bazzy
Producer(s) Todd Lewis
Production location(s) Joplin, Missouri
Cinematography Keith J. Duggan
Dan Farnam
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Varuna Entertainment
Distributor Country Music Television
Original network Country Music Television
Original release February 3, 2006 – Present
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Trick My Truck is an American reality television program that premiered on February 3, 2006 on Country Music Television. Created by Varuna Entertainment, the series features a group of vehicle hackers known as the "Chrome Shop Mafia" who renovate the trucks of "deserving" drivers in response to letters and calls from family and friends.


A group of seasoned vehicle body shop mechanics, which calls itself the "Chrome Shop Mafia", receive letters and calls from people informing them about truckers they feel are deserving of a truck "remodeling." The crew goes to "escape" the truck, primarily tractor-trailers, and give the drivers a similar loaner truck. The truck is taken back to the shop and remodeled completely, including customized designs on a specific theme, electronics enhancements, and mechanical upgrades to tires, exhaust pipes, etc. At the end of each episode, they bring in the driver to see their upgraded truck and give them a tour of what the auto mechanics have done to it.

In addition to tractor-trailers, the crew has overhauled pickup trucks and various specialty trucks such as dump trucks and an ice cream truck.


  • Robert Richardson
  • Ryan "Ryno" Templeton
  • Matt Moore
  • Steven Harrah
  • Allen Harrah

Previous cast[edit]

  • Rod Pickett
  • Kevin "Ice Pick" Pickett
  • Bryan "Boss Man" Martin
  • C.B. Grimes
  • Rick "Scrapyard Dog" Stone

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