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Tricolor or tricolour (from Latin tri- "three" and color "colour"), or tricolored, tricoloured, may refer to:



  • Tricolor (dog), a dog's coat color usually consisting of a dark color across the back and the top of the head, white underneath, and tan markings in between
  • Tricoloured (horse), a horse with three different coat colours


Sports teams[edit]

Species and cultivars names[edit]

Brand names[edit]

  • Tricolor (game), a rulebook for wargaming with Napoleonic miniatures
  • Tricolor TV, the biggest Russian satellite television operator
  • MV Tricolor, a Norwegian ship that sank in the English Channel in 2002

Compound terms containing "tricolor" or "tricoloured"[edit]

Animal names including the adjective "tricoloured"

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