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OriginBuenos Aires, Argentina
GenresFolk Metal, Celtic Metal, Power Metal, Heavy Metal
Years active2011–present
LabelsPower Prog
Associated actsSkiltron
MembersJuan José Fornés
Pablo Allen
Diego Rodríguez
Maximiliano Valdez
Past membersFernando Marty
Diego Valdez

Triddana is an Argentinian Power Folk Metal (also considered Celtic Metal) band formed in 2011, after several of the members of Skiltron departed from their former band.[1][2] Triddana are a powerful folk metal band, which fuse the beauty and magic of Scottish and Irish folk music with the energy of heavy metal.

The name is taken from the Irish word "troideanna", which means "Fights". The band's lineup consists of Juan José Fornés (vocals & lead guitar), Pablo Allen (bagpipe & whistles), Diego Rodríguez (bass) and Maximiliano Valdez (drums).

In early 2015, Diego Valdez announced his departure from Triddana to focus more on his other projects, Helker and Electronomicon. Juan José Fornés took place as both, guitarist and singer. Their first album "Ripe For Rebellion"[3][4] was released in 2012. On December 11, 2015, their second album "The Power & The Will",[5][6] was released through the German label Power Prog.[7]


Triddana was founded in early 2011, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the name is taken from the Irish word "troideanna", which means "Fights". Their music is characterized by mixing or fusion of heavy metal with the so-called European Nordic "Celtic music" and/or folk, because it combines conventional rock instruments (guitar, bass and drums), with traditional Celtic music instruments (bagpipes, whistle, etc.).

In early 2011 four of the six members of Skiltron announced their departure; this separation was given by a dispute between the founding members and the non-founding members. After this dispute with the non-founding members they decided to leave the band; a short time after that they founded Triddana and not much later they released the first EP "The Beginning".

Time passed and they released new songs like "Spoke the Firefly", "The Dead End Verse" and "Men of Clay". On September 27, 2011 was announced that the band was complete, "Ranz" would be the new drummer. The next day Triddana announced the first live concert in Asbury Rock in March 10, 2012.

On February 23, 2012, the band unveiled a new topic by their video channel of Loreena McKennitt cover titled "All Souls Night". On March 4, 2012, Triddana was interviewed on the program FM "Pulp Fiction" by César Fuentes Rodriguez, where they presented and discussed the future of the band. On March 10, 2012, they gave its first concert after the start of "The Beginning"

Their first album "Ripe for Rebellion" was released in 2012 and garnered the attention from the metal scene around the world. As they earned a reputation as a visually stunning and solid live act, they started working on their second and most recent album, titled "The Power & the Will", which was edited worldwide through the German label Power Prog in late 2015. The reception from the media and the audience was excellent once again, propelled by the release of the official video clip for their song "When the Enemy's Close".

In the summer of 2016, the band will set foot in Europe for their first live shows in the continent. "Spoke the Firefly" is a song from the Triddana upcoming acoustic album.

Musical style and influences[edit]

While the musical style of Triddana keeps great similarity to its predecessor band (somewhat understandable considering that consists of almost all its former members), there are marked differences in the composition, more aggressive, direct and lyrical; topics related to Scottish history (as William Wallace) disappear, but others remain (as critical to Catholicism) and a new component that is critical to modern society (for example, speaking of the war in several added songs).


Current members[edit]

  • Juan José Fornés - Vocals (2015–present), Guitars (2011-present)
  • Pablo Allen - Bagpipe, Whistles (2011–present)
  • Diego Rodríguez - Bass (2014–present)
  • Maximiliano Valdez - Drums (2016–present)

Former members[edit]

  • Fernando Marty - Bass (2011-2014)
  • Diego Valdez - Vocals (2011-2015)
  • Ranz - Drums (2011-2016)




Year Title
2011 The Beginning

Studio albums[edit]

Ripe for Rebellion (2012)[edit]

All lyrics written by Pablo Allen and Juan José Fornés; all music composed by Juan José Fornés and Fernando Marty except the song "All Souls Night" written and composed by Loreena McKennitt.

1."The Beginning"04:36
2."The Wicked Wheel (Rage On)"04:06
3."The Dead End Verse"04:34
4."Reaper's Lullaby"04:46
5."Spoke the Firefly (Fate Called)"04:15
6."All Souls Night" (Loreena McKennitt cover)03:57
7."Gone with the River"05:09
8."Paddy's Leather Breeches Set" (Instrumental)02:40
9."Born in the Dark Age"04:50
10."Men of Clay"03:59
11."Faking a War"04:29
12."Flames at Twilight" (Instrumental)02:40

The Power & The Will (2015)[edit]

All tracks written by Triddana, except where noted. All lyrics written by Juan José Fornés and Pablo Allen. All music by Juan José Fornés..

1."Shouting Aloud"04:12
2."When The Enemy's Close"03:49
3."Death Blow"04:20
4."Echo Through The Day"03:48
5."Everything Returns"04:40
6."The Snake & The Pit"04:03
7."The Might In My Blood"04:23
8."Galloping Shadows"03:05
10."Everlasting Lie"04:01
12."The Power & The Will"04:56
Total length:48:41


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