Trident (UK comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Trident Comics
Schedule Bi-monthly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date August 1989 – October 1990
No. of issues 8
Creative team
Written by Neil Gaiman
Eddie Campbell
Mike Collins
Robin Laing
Gavin Butler
Grant Morrison
Dominic Regan
Mark Millar
Darryl Cunningham
Shane Oakley
Denny Derbyshire
Andrew Hope
Dave Weir
Artist(s) Nigel Kitching
Eddie Campbell
Pete Martin
Steve Martin
Paul Grist
Dominic Regan
Darryl Cunningham
Gary Crutchley
Denny Derbyshire
Billy Armstrong
Editor(s) Martin Skidmore

Trident is an anthology comic series published by Trident Comics from 1989 to 1990.

Publication history[edit]

It was the flagship title of Trident Comics and attempted to publish new talent as well as established talent such as Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison.

Although the title initially proved popular, sales flagged when issues shipped late, and it eventually ceased publication in 1991, with the bankruptcy of Trident Comics.


Notable stories include: