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Trifecta Entertainment & Media is an American entertainment company founded in 2006. The company's founders previously held jobs as executives at MGM Television. Trifecta is primarily a distribution company and also handles advertising sales in exchange for syndication deals with local television stations, cable outlets, and digital media. Secondary, the company produces television programs and made-for-TV and direct-to-video movies. The company has offices in Los Angeles, California and New York City, New York.


On April 29, 2014 it was announced that Trifecta Entertainment would produce Judge Faith, a reality based court show, along with The Tornante Company [1][2] Judge Faith is an arbitration-based court show hosted by New York attorney and former beauty queen Faith Jenkins [3] Trifecta Entertainment and Media manages all distribution and advertising sales for the program. The show premiered on September 22, 2014.

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