Trigeminal nerve nuclei

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Trigeminal nerve nuclei
The cranial nerve nuclei schematically represented; dorsal view. Motor nuclei in red; sensory in blue. (Trigeminal nerve nuclei are at "V".)
Latinnuclei trigemini
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The sensory trigeminal nerve nuclei are the largest of the cranial nerve nuclei, and extend through the whole of the midbrain, pons and medulla, and into the high cervical spinal cord.

The nucleus is divided into three parts, from rostral to caudal (top to bottom in humans):

The spinal trigeminal nucleus is further subdivided into three parts, from rostral to caudal:
  • Pars Oralis (from the Pons to the Hypoglossal nucleus)
  • Pars Interpolaris (from the Hypoglossal nucleus to the obex)
  • Pars Caudalis (from the obex to C2)

There is also a distinct trigeminal motor nucleus that is medial to the chief sensory nucleus.

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