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Trigger Band 2011.jpg
Trigger, clockwise: Petar Popović, Marko Antonić, Milena Branković, Zoran Jović, Dušan Svilokos Đurić
Background information
Origin Belgrade, Serbia
Genres Hard rock, heavy metal, alternative metal, industrial metal
Years active 2005 – present
Labels PGP-RTS
Members Milena Branković
Dušan Svilokos Đurić
Petar Popović
Marko Antonić
Zoran Jović

Trigger is a Serbian hard rock/heavy metal band from Belgrade.


The band was formed in 2005. During the same year, the band started working on the songs for their debut album, enetering the studio in 2006.[1] The lineup changed several times during the work on the album, but became stable at the beginning of 2007.[2] It featured female vocalist Milena Branković, guitarist Dušan Svilokos Đurić, bass guitarist Petar "Pera" Popović, keyboardist Marko Antonić, and drummer Zoran Jović "Đavo".[3]

The band's debut album Ljubav (Love) was released in December 2007 through PGP-RTS.[4] Ljubav was imagined as a concept album, featuring lyrics dealing with dark sides of love.[5] The album was met with mostly positive reactions by the critics.[6][7][8][9][10] The promotional video was recorded for the song "Jedan dan" ("A Day").[11] "Jedan dan" won the first place on TV Panonija chart, TV Metropolis Top 10 chart, and Radio 202 Hit of the Week chart.[12] During the same year, the band started the concert promotion of the album, starting with the appearance on Belgrade Beer Fest.[13] In 2008, the band was awarded with the Discovery of the Year Award by TV Metropolis, and was polled the Best Young Band of 2008 by the listeners of the Radio 202 show Hit 202.[14]

In 2009, the band released the live mini-album Metropolis Live, consisting of five songs from Ljubav, recorded in 2008 at the band's performance in the TV Metropolis show Metropolis Live.[15] The album was available for free digital download at the band's official site.[16] In 2009, the band also recorded the video for the songs "Više neće biti nas" ("There Will Be no more of Us"),[17] and won the Metal Album of the Award at the Sarajevo Indexi Awards Ceremony.[18] The band also appeared on a New York City Hard Rock Radio Live compilation.[19] In 2010, Dušan Svilokos Đurić and Milena Branković, under the name Disparador, appeared on the various artists album Vreme brutalnih dobronamernika, which featured seventeen bands which recorded the songs on poems of Serbian poet Milan B. Popović. Disparador participated in the compilation with the gothic industrial-oriented song "Pokrov iznad mene" ("Shroud above Me").[20]

In 2011, the band announced the release of a new studio album, entitled EX, which will feature covers of songs by former Yugoslav new wave artists.[21] The band promoted their upcoming album with a concert in Belgrade club Danguba, featuring guest appearance by the heavy metal band Forever Storm.[22] The first part of the album, containing covers of Piloti song "Ne veruj u idole" ("Do not Believe in Idols"), Azra song "Kurvini sinovi" ("Sons of Whores"), and Haustor song "Ena", was available for free download from the band's official website in May 2011.[23] The second part of the album, featuring a cover of VIS Simboli song "Bejbi, bejbi" ("Baby, Baby"), a cover of Bulevar song "Trenutni lek" ("Momentary Remedy") and a cover of Petar i Zli Vuci song "Ogledalo" ("Mirror"), was released for free download in May 2012.[24] The third and final part of the album, featuring a cover of Jakarta song "Spiritus"[25] and a cover of Beograd song "Opasne igre" ("Dangerous Games"), was released in November 2012.[26]

In July 2013, the band released the single "Ne hrani ljudoždere" ("Do Not Feed the Cannibals"), featuring guest appearance by Downstroy vocalist Darko Živković.[27] The single announces the band's upcoming studio album, expected to be released at the end of 2013. The album will feature guest appearances by Block Out vocalist Milutin "Mita" Jovičić and Manntra vocalist Marko Matijević "Sekul".[28]


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