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Trigger Argee is a fictional character in a series of science fiction short stories by James H. Schmitz, starting from 1958. As her first name implies, she inherited the ability to be a crack shot with the sidearms of her day from her father. In the novel A Tale of Two Clocks she even operates powered armor in an assault upon alien beings which have infested a spaceship. Instrumental in the discovery of a hidden alien race, the Old Galactics, she serves as a secret agent of the Hub Overgovernment. Eventually Trigger teams up with a younger woman, Telzey Amberdon of the fictional planet Orado. The stories were originally published in Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact. The series was quite popular. Some issues had covers featuring this character.

In recent years all of the Telzey and Trigger stories have been republished, with additions, by Baen Books, and are currently in print.


Title First published in Issue
Collected in
Harvest Time Astounding 1958-09 Trigger & Friends
A Tale of Two Clocks (novel published by Torquil Books) 1962 Trigger & Friends
as "Legacy"
Compulsion Analog 1970-06 T'nT: Telzey & Trigger
Glory Day Analog 1971-06 T'nT: Telzey & Trigger
The Symbiotes Analog 1972-09 T'nT: Telzey & Trigger
Aura of Immortality IF 1974-06 Trigger & Friends


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