Slovenian patrol boat Triglav

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Slovenian patrol boat Triglav
Slovenian patrol boat Triglav
Naval Jack of Slovenia.svg Slovenian NavySlovenia
Name: Triglav
Namesake: Triglav
Builder: Almaz shipbuilding company
Launched: 2010
Commissioned: 2011
Homeport: Port of Koper
Status: Active
General characteristics
Class and type: Svetlyak-class patrol boat
Type: Patrol boat
Displacement: 375 tons full load
Length: 49.5 metres.
Beam: 9.2 metres.
Draught: 2.2 metres.
Propulsion: 3x diesel engines with 16200 hp
Speed: up to 30 knots (Full Speed), 13 knots ( Economical )
Range: 2200 miles at 13 knots.
Endurance: 10 days
Crew: 28 ( 4 officers )

Triglav is an Svetlyak-class patrol boat operated by the 430th Naval Section of the Slovenian Armed Forces. It is a small, multirole craft capable of maritime patrol, supporting diver operations, coastal survey, combat, and SAR. It has twice been deployed outside Slovenian territorial waters in concert with other NATO naval forces.


In 2008, Slovenia agreed to the acquisition of one Project 10412-class patrol boat in exchange for discharging a multimillion-dollar debt owed by Russia. The ship was laid down in 2009, completed in 2011, and delivered to Slovenia the same year. It was named SNS Triglav after Slovenia's highest mountain and national symbol. The ship's armament loadout was optimized for a patrol role, lacking the anti-ship missiles of the standard Svetlyak. In late 2012, this capability was restored by mounting six 9M120 anti-ship missiles. In summer 2015, the Triglav underwent an overhaul in the Trieste shipyard.


The Triglav was sent to eastern Sicily on 15 December 2013 to assist Italy with refugees from Africa as part of operation Mare Nostrum.

In October 2015, the vessel was sent to southern Italy as a part of the European Union's Operation Sophia. Triglav successfully carried out its first rescue operation on 28 October, recovering 100 people (71 male, 17 female, and 12 children).[1]

Armament & Equipment[edit]

  • 1x AK-306 gun mount (AK-176M gun can be mounted in the bow section)
  • 2x 14.5mm machine guns
  • 6x 9M120 anti-ship missile system
  • 16x Igla-type MANPADS
  • FR-2150W navigational radar
  • Gorizont-25 integrated navigation system
  • GAGK1 Pastilshchik-D gyroazimuth/horizon compass
  • KM-69M1 magnetic compass
  • LEMM-2-2 electromagnetic log with echosounder functions
  • AP-5 dead-reckoning tracer
  • RN-1 radio range-finder
  • KPI-9F receiver-indicator of ground-based radio-navigation systems
  • NT-200D shipborne satellite navigation equipment
  • Buran-6E automated communications system


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