Triglav Lodge at Kredarica

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Triglav Lodge at Kredarica
Triglavski dom na Kredarici.jpg
Triglav Lodge in 2013
Highest point
Elevation2,515 m (8,251 ft)
Coordinates46°22′44.11″N 13°50′55.75″E / 46.3789194°N 13.8488194°E / 46.3789194; 13.8488194Coordinates: 46°22′44.11″N 13°50′55.75″E / 46.3789194°N 13.8488194°E / 46.3789194; 13.8488194
Native nameTriglavski dom na Kredarici
Triglav Lodge at Kredarica is located in Slovenia
Triglav Lodge at Kredarica
Triglav Lodge at Kredarica
Parent rangeJulian Alps

The Triglav Lodge at Kredarica (Slovene: Triglavski dom na Kredarici) (2,515 m) is the highest mountain hut in Slovenia and the highest meteorological station in the country. It stands on a small plateau just under the peak of Kredarica, an elevation in the ridge between Mt. Rjavina and Mt. Triglav. The Valentin Stanič Lodge (Dom Valentina Staniča) stands to the northeast below Begunje Peak (Begunjski vrh, 2,460 m), and the Planika Lodge at Triglav (Dom Planika pod Triglavom) stands to the south. In the vicinity there is also a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Snows, and a few metres away there is a small cave named Ivačič Cave.


Opening of the lodge in 1896

The first hut, named the Triglav Hut (Triglavska koča), was built in 1896 at the initiative of Jakob Aljaž. Later it was expanded three times, and it is now one of the largest mountain lodges in Slovenia. It can accommodate 200 hikers or more. In 1909, the Ljubljana Matica Alpine Club expanded the hut and renamed it the Triglav Lodge (Triglavski dom). In 1954, it was expanded again due to the increased number of visits after World War II. It was expanded for the last time in 1983.


The lodge is open to visitors all year round. Most visitors come from the end of June to the end of September. Outside the main season the residential meteorologists handle the visitors. The hut is managed by Ljubljana Matica Alpine Club. There is no cable car, and the hut is supplied by helicopters of the Slovenian Armed Forces.

The Ljubljana Matica Alpine Club's goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the hut. In 1992 they built a photovoltaic power station and in 1998 a small wind turbine. In 1992 they set up a base station and repaired the telephone line.

Starting points[edit]


  • Triglav (2864 m; a challenging secured route) 1 h

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