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Trilogy atb album.jpg
Studio album by ATB
Released April 27, 2007 (Europe)
May 22, 2007 (U.S.)
Recorded 2006—2007
Genre Electronica, alternative dance, synthpop, trance
Label Kontor (Germany)
Radikal (U.S.)
Avex Asia
(Hong Kong, Taiwan)
Producer ATB
ATB chronology
Seven Years: 1998-2005
(2005)Seven Years: 1998-20052005
Future Memories
(2009)Future Memories2009
Singles from Trilogy
  1. "Renegade"
    Released: April 2007
  2. "Feel Alive"
    Released: July 2007
  3. "Justify"
    Released: December 2007

Trilogy is the sixth[1] studio album by German artist ATB, released in Europe on 27 April 2007 and in the U.S. on 22 May 2007.

This album was made with a similar concept as ATB's second album, Two Worlds (2000), which is a two-disc album based upon different types of music for different moods. The first CD featured mainly up-tempo songs, while the second CD provided ambient and down-tempo songs.

The normal version of Trilogy includes only the first disc, which has a feel similar to that of ATB's older albums though with a slightly more rock/pop-oriented sound than his previous efforts, while the second disc, included only in the limited version, has a much more ambient feel, similar to some other trance music artists.

Track listing[edit]

Trilogy – Standard edition
1."Justify" (feat. Jennifer Karr)André Tanneberger, Alexander Pearls, Jennifer Karr3:47
2."Desperate Religion" (feat. Karen Ires)Tanneberger, Pearls4:37
3."Renegade" (feat. Heather Nova)Tanneberger, Heather Nova5:36
4."Beautiful Worlds"Tanneberger, Rudi Dittmann5:07
5."Stars Come Out" (feat. Heather Nova)Tanneberger, Nova3:27
6."Feel Alive" (feat. Jan Löchel)Tanneberger, Jan Löchel3:44
7."Made of Glass" (feat. Heather Nova)Tanneberger, Nova4:18
9."These Days" (feat. Jeppe Riddervold)Tanneberger, Jeppe Riddervold, Mats Madestam, Peter Honoré5:34
10."Better Give Up" (feat. Jan Löchel)Tanneberger, Löchel5:08
11."Some Things Just Are The Way They Are" (feat. Jeppe Riddervold)Tanneberger, Riddervold, Madestam5:26
12."The Chosen Ones" (feat. Jan Löche)Tanneberger, Löchell4:13

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