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Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Excavata
Phylum: Metamonada
Class: Anaeromonadea
Order: Trimastigida
Family: Trimastigidae
Genus: Trimastix
Kent 1880

Trimastix is a genus of excavates, the sole occupant of the order Trimastigida.[1] There are few known species, and the genus's role in the ecosystem is largely unknown. However, much interest in this group is related to its close association with other members of Anaeromonadea. Like other members of this order, these organisms do not have classical mitochondria. As such, much of the research involving these microbes is aimed at investigating the evolution of mitochondria.[2]

One species is Trimastix pyriformis.[3]


  • Order Trimastigida Cavalier-Smith 2003
    • Family Trimastigidae Saville Kent 1880