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Trinchera Peak

Coordinates: 37°17′22″N 105°09′54″W / 37.2894584°N 105.1650086°W / 37.2894584; -105.1650086
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Trinchera Peak
Trinchera Peak taken from along U.S. Route 160, just northeast of Fort Garland.
Highest point
Elevation13,510 ft (4,120 m)[1]
Coordinates37°17′22″N 105°09′54″W / 37.2894584°N 105.1650086°W / 37.2894584; -105.1650086[1]
Trinchera Peak is located in Colorado
Trinchera Peak
Trinchera Peak
Location of Trinchera Peak within Colorado
LocationCostilla County and Huerfano County, Colorado, U.S.
Parent rangeCulebra Range[2]
Topo mapUSGS Trinchera Peak

Trinchera Peak is a mountain in Costilla County and Huerfano County in the U.S. state of Colorado. It is located in the Culebra Range.[2]


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