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Cerro de Trincheras
Cerro de Trincheras
Trincheras is located in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 30°24′0″N 111°32′0″W / 30.40000°N 111.53333°W / 30.40000; -111.53333Coordinates: 30°24′0″N 111°32′0″W / 30.40000°N 111.53333°W / 30.40000; -111.53333
Country  Mexico
State Sonora
Municipality Trincheras
Founded 1775
 • Mayor Gildardo Bejarano Yescas
Time zone MST (UTC-7)

Trincheras is a town in Trincheras Municipality, in the north-west of the Mexican state of Sonora. It was founded in 1775 by Bernardo de Urrea. The municipal area is 3,764.26 km2. and the population in 2000 was 1,788. The main economic activities are cattle raising (21,000 head in 2000) and subsistence farming.

American Indian architecture[edit]

Trincheras was named for El Cerro de Trincheras, a nearby archaeological site. This site is also the namesake of a distinctive type of archaeological site found in the desert basins of the southwest United States and northwest Mexico. Remains of hillside terraces and walls reminded early explorers of "trincheras," the Spanish term for entrenchments or fortifications.[1]


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Closeup of trincheras at Cerro De Trincheras