Trinidad Head, California

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Trinidad Head
Trinidad Head (3) (46455180135) (cropped).jpg
LocationTrinidad Harbor, near Trinidad, California
Coordinates41°03′16″N 124°09′03″W / 41.054308°N 124.150914°W / 41.054308; -124.150914Coordinates: 41°03′16″N 124°09′03″W / 41.054308°N 124.150914°W / 41.054308; -124.150914
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Trinidad Head, California is located in California
Trinidad Head, California
Location of Trinidad Head in California
Only a narrow spit connects Trinidad Head (upper right) to the mainland

Trinidad Head (Yurok: Chuerewa' [1]) is a rocky promontory surrounded by sea stacks sheltering Trinidad Harbor, adjacent to the town of Trinidad in Humboldt County, California, USA, designated as California Historical Landmark #146.[2]


On 9 June 1775, two Spanish Naval explorers, Bruno de Heceta and Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra anchored in Trinidad Bay. Two days later, on Trinity Sunday, 11 June 1775,[3] Trinidad Head was claimed for Spain in the name of Charles III by Heceta, his men and two Franciscan fathers who erected a cross on the summit. When Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno, Captain of the Portuguese ship "San Augustin," discovered and entered the Trinidad Bay in November of 1595, he did not anchor for fear of hitting submerged rocks.[4] Over the next 75 years, Spanish, Russian and British ships landed at Trinidad Head for sea otters, fresh water and refuge from storms.[5]

The harbor and Trinidad Head were mapped as part of A.D. Bache's United States Coast Survey under the direction of Lieutenant Commander William P. McArthur.[6]


Trinidad Head is composed of metamorphosed gabbro embedded in the surrounding Franciscan melange, topped with Pleistocene sands and gravels.[7]



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