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General elections were held in Trinidad and Tobago on 5 November 2007.[1] Nomination day was 15 October.

The parties contesting the election were the incumbent People's National Movement, the official opposition United National Congress–Alliance (a coalition of the UNC and six smaller parties), the Congress of the People (a UNC splinter group), the Tobago United Front–Democratic Action Congress (a Tobago-based party) and the Democratic National Assembly (a new party based in Tobago). Also contesting were five independent candidates.


A poll conducted by the Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES) and published by the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday in October 2007 showed the Congress of the People ahead of the ruling People's National Movement by 7%.[2]

Another poll from August indicated that the election would be a very close race.[3]


The PNM party under the leadership of Patrick Manning won 26 of the 41 seats in Parliament. The UNC-A, under the leadership of Basdeo Panday won the 15 remaining seats. The COP did not win any seats.[4]

e • d Summary of the 5 November 2007 House of Representatives of Trinidad and Tobago election results
Parties Votes % Seats
People's National Movement 299,813 45.85 26
United National Congress–Alliance 194,425 29.73 15
Congress of the People 148,041 22.64 0
Democratic Action Congress 8,801 1.35 0
Democratic National Assembly 376 0.01 0
Independents 120 0.00 0
Total valid (turnout 66%) 651,576 100.00 41
Invalid 2,306
Total 653,882
Source: EBC



Constituency Winner (Party)
Arima Pennelope Beckles (PNM)
Arouca/Maloney Alicia Hospedales (PNM)
Barataria/San Juan Joseph Ross (PNM)
Caroni Central Hamza Rafeeq (UNCA)
Caroni East Tim Gopeesingh (UNCA)
Chaguanas East Mustapha Abdul-Hamid (PNM)
Chaguanas West Jack Warner (UNCA)
Couva North Basdeo Panday (UNCA)
Couva South Kelvin Ramnath (UNCA)
Cumuto/Manzanilla Harry Partap (UNCA)
D'Abadie/O'Meara Karen Nunez-Tesheira (PNM)
Diego Martin Central Keith Rowley (PNM)
Diego Martin North/East Colm Imbert (PNM)
Diego Martin West Amery Brown (PNM)
Fyzabad Chandresh Sharma (UNCA)
La Brea Fitzgerald Jeffrey (PNM)
La Horquetta/Talparo Roger Joseph (PNM)
Laventille East/Morvant Donna Cox (PNM)
Laventille West Nileung Hypolite (PNM)
Lopinot/Bon Air West Neil Parsanlal (PNM)
Mayaro Winston Peters (UNCA)
Naparima Nizam Baksh (UNCA)
Oropouche East Roodal Moonilal (UNCA)
Oropouche West Mikela Panday (UNCA)
Point Fortin Paula Gopee-Scoon (PNM)
Pointe-a-Pierre Christine Kangaloo (PNM)
POS North/St. Anns West Gary Hunt (PNM)
POS South Marlene Mc Donald (PNM)
Princess Town North Subhas Panday (UNCA)
Princess Town South/Tableland Peter Taylor (PNM)
San Fernando East Patrick Manning (PNM)
San Fernado West Junia Regrello (PNM)
Siparia Kamla Persad-Bissessar (UNCA)
St. Anns East Anthony Roberts (PNM)
St. Augustine Vasant Bharat (UNCA)
St. Joseph Kennedy Swaratsingh (PNM)
Tabaquite Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj (UNCA)
Tobago East Rennie Dumas (PNM)
Tobago West Stanford Callendar (PNM)
Toco/Sangre Grande Indra Ojah-Maharaj (PNM)
Tunapuna Esther Le Gendre (PNM)

Detailed results[edit]

Constituency Results
Arima PNM-8,603 UNCA-1,224 COP-3,464
Arouca/Maloney PNM-12,055 UNCA-1,480 COP-2,373
Barataria/San Juan PNM-7,179 UNCA-5,358 COP-3,917
Caroni Central PNM-4,800 UNCA-7,481 COP-4,313
Caroni East PNM-3,869 UNCA-8,297 COP-4,086
Chaguanas East PNM-6,757 UNCA-4,993 COP-4,122
Chaguanas West PNM-1,519 UNCA-11,140 COP-5,280
Couva North PNM-5,249 UNCA-8,745 COP-4,238
Couva South PNM-5,097 UNCA-8,428 COP-4,409
Cumuto/Manzanilla PNM-7,014 UNCA-7,351 COP-3,177
D'Abadie/O'Meara PNM-8,875 UNCA-2,425 COP-3,695
Diego Martin Central PNM-9,301 UNCA-582 COP-5,589
Diego Martin North/East PNM-9,349 UNCA-972 COP-4,928
Diego Martin West PNM-9,221 UNCA-513 COP-5,600
Fyzabad PNM- 7,201 UNCA-7,572 COP-3,724
La Brea PNM-10,055 UNCA-3,442 COP-1,909
La Horquetta/Talparo PNM-8,271 UNCA-3,394 COP-2,593
Laventille East/Morvant PNM-11,069 UNCA-1047 COP-1,545
Laventille West PNM-10,537 UNCA-343 COP-1,085
Lopinot/Bon Air West PNM-8,535 UNCA-3,907 COP-3,160
Mayaro PNM-8,133 UNCA-8,583 COP-1,936
Naparima PNM-2,892 UNCA-10,338 COP-4,291
Oropouche East PNM-2,991 UNCA-10,156 COP-6,489
Oropouche West PNM-3,692 UNCA-8,570 COP-4,198
Point Fortin PNM-9,276 UNCA-2,640 COP-3,838
Point-a-Pierre PNM-7,427 UNCA-6,136 COP-3,740
Princess Town North PNM-5,298 UNCA-8,231 COP-3,832
Pricess Town South/Tableland PNM-8,929 UNCA-7,908 COP-1,437
POS North/St. Ann's West PNM-8,274 UNCA-305 COP-3,644
POS South PNM-7,823 UNCA-573 COP-3,141
San Fernando East PNM-10,320 UNCA-1,060 COP-3,247
San Fernando West PNM-7,371 UNCA-2,306 COP-4,951
Siparia PNM-4,679 UNCA-10,320 COP-3,166
St. Ann's East PNM-10,010 UNCA-1,060 COP-3,247
St. Augustine PNM-4,309 UNCA-7,043 COP-6,426
St. Joseph PNM-7,965 UNCA-4,945 COP-4,145
Tabaquite PNM-5,464 UNCA-7,213 COP-5,666
Toco/Sangre Grande PNM-9,557 UNCA-3,864 COP-3,214
Tobago East PNM-5,601 COP-234 DNA-63 TUF/DAC-4,425
Tobago West PNM-6,850 COP-471 DNA-313 TUF/DAC-4.304
Tunapuna PNM-8,468 UNCA-3,823 COP-4,004
TOTAL PNM-299,813 UNCA-194,425 COP-148,014 DNA-376 TUF/DAC-8,801

The UNC-Alliance did not run for any seats in Tobago.

United National Congress Alliance candidates[edit]

  • Arima – Wayne Rodriguez
  • Arouca/Maloney – Dianne Bishop-Bajnath
  • Barataria / San Juan – Nazeemool Mohammed
  • Caroni East – Tim Gopeesingh
  • Chaguanas East – Kirk Meighoo
  • Chaguanas West – Austin Jack Warner
  • Couva North – Basdeo Panday
  • Couva South – Kelvin Ramnath
  • Cumuto / Manzanilla – Harry Partap
  • Diego Martin West – Daphne Phillips
  • Diego Martin Central – Steve Alvarez
  • Diego Martin North / East – Andy Williams
  • Fyzabad – Chandresh Sharma
  • La Brea – Ravi Ratiram
  • La Horquetta – Talparo – Jennifer Jones-Kernahan
  • Laventille East – Morvant – Lennox Smith
  • Laventille West – Juliet Davy
  • Lopinot – Bon Air West – Prakash Williams
  • Mayaro – Winston "Gypsy" Peters
  • Naparima – Nizam Baksh
  • Oropouche East – Roodal Moonilal
  • Oropouche West – Mickela Panday
  • Point Fortin – Fitzroy Beache
  • Pointe-a-Pierre – Wade Mark
  • Port of Spain South – Anthony Sammy
  • Princes Town South – Tableland – Clifton De Coteau
  • San Fernando East – Ramesh Karapan
  • San Fernando West – Bishop Jankee Raghunanan
  • Siparia – Kamla Persad-Bissessar
  • St. Ann's East – Tricia Moraldo
  • St. Augustine – Vasant Bharath
  • St. Joseph – Carson Charles
  • Tabaquite – Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj
  • Toco – Sangre Grande – Keshore Satram
  • Tunapuna – Christine Newallo

People's National Movement candidates[edit]

  • Arima- Pennelope Beckles
  • Arouca/Maloney – Alicia Hospedales
  • Barataria/San Juan – Joseph Ross
  • Caroni Central – Shivanand Narinesingh
  • Caroni East – Harold Ramoutar
  • Chaguanas East – Mustapha Abdul – Hamid
  • Chaguanas West – Frankie Ranjitsingh
  • Couva North – Nal Ramsingh
  • Couva South – Naim Ali
  • Cumuto/Manzanilla – Lennox Sirjusingh
  • D'Abadie/O'Meara – Karen Nunez Tesheira
  • Diego Martin Central – Amery Browne
  • Diego Martin North/East – Colm Imbert
  • Diego Martin West – Dr Keith Rowley
  • Fyzabad – Andre Bernard
  • La Brea – Fitzgerald Jeffrey
  • La Horquetta/Talparo – Roger Joseph
  • Laventille East/Morvant – Donna Cox
  • Laventille West – Nyleung Hypolite
  • Lopinot/Bon Air – Neil Parsanlal
  • Mayaro – Michelle Mischier Boyd
  • Naparima – Geeta Rampersad
  • Oropouche East – Shafeeq Mohammed
  • Oropouche West – Raghunath Mahabir
  • Princes Town North – Marlon Mohammed
  • Princes Town South/Tableland – Peter Taylor
  • Point Fortin – Paula Gopee
  • Point-a-Pierre – Christine Kangaloo
  • Port of Spain North/St Ann's West- Gary Hunte
  • Port of Spain South – Marlene McDonald
  • San Fernando East – Patrick Manning
  • San Fernando West – Junia Regrello
  • Siparia – Lutchman Rampersad
  • St Ann's East – Anthony Roberts
  • St Augustine – Nadra Nathai-Gyan
  • St Joseph – Kennedy Swaratsingh
  • Tabaquite – Heeralal Rampertap
  • Tobago East – Rennie Dumas
  • Tobago West – Stanford Calender
  • Toco/Sangre Grande – Indra Sinanan Ojah-Maharaj
  • Tunapuna – Ester Le Gendre

Congress of the People candidates[edit]

  • TOBAGO EAST – Seeking Candidate name 234 votes
  • TOBAGO WEST – Seeking Candidate name 471 votes
  • Rodger Dominic Samuel — Arima
  • Rekha Ramjit — Naparima
  • Nirad Tewarie — Chaguanas East
  • Devant Maharaj — Couva South
  • Lena Brereton Wolffe — Toco/Sangre Grande
  • Ganga Singh — Caroni East
  • Arthur Augustine — Laventille West
  • La Toya Callender — Laventille East/Morvant
  • Rabindra Moonan — Mayaro
  • Rocky Garcia — Diego Martin West
  • Sharon-Ann Gopaul-McNichol — Port-of-Spain South
  • Mahendranath Dhaniram — Fyzabad
  • Prakash Ramadhar — Caroni Central
  • Navi MUradali — Princes Town North
  • Carol Cuffy-Dowlat —Oropouche East
  • Selby Wilson — Point Fortin
  • Kevin Ratiram — Oropouche West
  • Gilbert Agard — La Brea
  • Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan — Pointe-à-Pierre
  • Joe Pires — Diego Martin North East
  • Kathy-Ann Jones — Arouca/Maloney
  • Jamal Mohammed — San Juan/Barataria
  • Manohar Ramsaran — Chaguanas West
  • Nicole Dyer-Griffith — Diego Martin Central
  • Desmond Lambert — Princes Town South/Tableland
  • Wendy Lee Yuen — Cumuto/Manzanilla
  • Daniel Solomon — Port-of-Spain North/St Ann’s West
  • Govindra Roopnarine — Siparia
  • Clyde Weatherhead — Tunapuna
  • Hulsie Bhaggan — Couva North
  • Sherwin Alleyne — D’Abadie/O’Meara
  • Jerome Chaitan — Lopinot/Bon Air West
  • Gary Griffith — St Ann’s East
  • Delon Haynes — La Horquetta/Talparo
  • Gillian Lucky — St Joseph
  • Anand Ramlogan — Tabaquite
  • Winston Dookeran — St Augustine
  • Marlene Coudray – San Fernando West
  • Mervyn Assam – San Fernando East


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