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For other institutions named Trinity College, see Trinity College (disambiguation).

Trinity College of Vermont was a Catholic college located in Burlington, Vermont. It was closed in 2000 due to financial constraints,[1] after which the University of Vermont purchased its campus.

Trinity was founded by the Sisters of Mercy of Vermont in September 1925 as New England's second Catholic women's college. The college was opened to provide an education to women, who at the time were an underserved population in the state of Vermont. The earliest students were taught in the areas of English, French, religion, mathematics, and the classics. Trinity College of Vermont was a pioneer in education and community service and promoted a mission of social justice.[2]

By the time of its closing, 5,000 students had been educated at Trinity.

After the college's closing, Trinity's graduate-level programs moved to Southern New Hampshire University's "Vermont Center" in Colchester, Vermont, where they are still directed by former Trinity administrators.

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