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Trinity Groves, Dallas

Coordinates: 32°46′44″N 96°49′44″W / 32.77889°N 96.82889°W / 32.77889; -96.82889
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Trinity Groves is a restaurant and retail development in West Dallas, at the western end of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.[1] The development is owned and managed by Stuart Fitts, Larry McGregor, and Phil Romano.[2]

Trinity Groves has a Restaurant Concept Incubator program, wherein chefs open new restaurant concepts and see if they are successful enough to expand nationwide.[3]

There are plans to expand the development by building apartments and additional retail space, to create a new urban neighborhood close to downtown and the city core.[4]


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32°46′44″N 96°49′44″W / 32.77889°N 96.82889°W / 32.77889; -96.82889