Trinity Rescue Kit

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Trinity Rescue Kit
Developer Tom Kerremans
OS family Unix-like
Working state Active
Source model Open source
Latest release 3.4 build 372 / 29 April 2011 (2011-04-29)
Latest preview 3.4 build 397[1] / 3 October 2016; 10 months ago (2016-10-03)
Available in English
Kernel type Monolithic
License GNU GPL license[2]
Official website

Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK) is a free and open-source Linux distribution with a command-line interface.

TRK was designed for deployment as a live CD or live USB. The author of TRK, Tom Kerremans, includes in the distribution various third-party software utilities for repairing damaged files, recovering data, resetting passwords, detecting computer viruses, and disk cloning.[3] TRK is especially equipped for repairing common problems in Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems.[4][5]

To reduce disk space required, TRK uses a bespoke help command, trkhelp, instead of the man pages typical of Linux distributions.

Preview build 396 was released in March 2014.[1] A fork of TRK called Mango (MAssive Network GhOst) was released by Juan Carlos Pineda, modified to simplify cloning computers.[1]


Starting in 2001, after creating a bootable DOS-based CD of proprietary software for offline operations (named "The Vault"), Belgian developer, Tom Kerremans decided to create a free bootable Linux CD.[5]

The purpose would be to include free tools that could help rescue a Windows installation that was being problematic. Binaries and scripts from other distributions inspired the Trinity Rescue Kit. Sources included Mandriva 2005 and the Fedora Cores 3 and 4. The startup procedure and methods, and many scripts, are custom-made for Trinity Rescue Kit.[6]


TRK 3.3 was based on Linux 2.6.26.

  • 6 consoles (accessed using alt+F1, etc.)
  • The ability to update itself (antivirus definitions/drivers) if burned onto a CD-RW
  • Data Recovery Tools
  • Clone Windows over a network
  • Antivirus Scanner
  • Reset Windows passwords
  • Read/Write to NTFS partitions through ntfs-3g
    • clonentfs allows copying of all used space on a drive
    • Better support for Vista in build 321
  • Edit partition layout
  • SSH Server
  • Samba server
    • Share all local drives on network as a user or a guest
  • Logical Volume Management
  • Proxy server support
  • Bridging Capabilities
    • Allows tcpdump when traffic passes other computers

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