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Trino Cruz Seruya (born 1960) is a Gibraltarian poet.


Born in Gibraltar in 1960. Of mixed Sephardi, English, Italian and Spanish ancestry,[1] he studied in Liverpool and London before returning to his birthplace in 1983.[2] He has been called a main example of the Spanish-language poetry both in Gibraltar and in the wider scope of the territories circling the Strait of the same name.[3] Commentator of Maghrebian poetry,[2] he has also translated works by authors such as Hassan Najmi and Saadi Yousef.[2][1] One of the defining traits of his literary work is miscegenation.[4] Trino Cruz has given the opinion that "Gibraltarian literature is a literature nonata" (not yet born),[5][6] attributing that status to political forces blocking the "creative instincts".[7]


A list of published compilations of poems authored by Cruz follows:[8]

  • Lecturas del espacio profanado (Sevilla, 1992)
  • Breve antología. Colección Cuadernos del Aula de Literatura José Cadalso, núm. 19. (San Roque, 1993)
  • Como la mirada que ha de pervertir este espejo. Actas del II Ciclo de Conferencias Universitarias del Campo de Gibraltar, Instituto de Estudios Campogibraltareños (Algeciras; 1996).
  • Rihla. Colección Abalorios de poesía (San Roque, 2003).
  • Rihla (translation of Khalid Raissouni; Tangiers, 2015)


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